one thing

Sadie Evans was just a normal girl other than the fact that she was Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. see how she falls in love with harry styles and how her brother will react. read moreXX


1. oh brother!

Sadie's p.o.v

lets start out by saying my name is Sadie Evans and im Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. i know what your thinking different last name thing is our parents got divorced when me an louis were young and reunited when we were both around 10. turns out we just kept the name. so anyways i know what your thinking 4 cute guys 1 amazin brother best life ever. not really. see thing is i never really was popular growing up in a small town in england but that all changed when i was reunited with my brother and dad again. i made 4 amzing friends and love them sooooo much but theres something about harry that i really cant get out of my head. other than the fact that hes cute,funny,adorable a bit cheeky but hey! so ive liked him for a while but i know nothings gonna work out since he pretty much only likes me as a friend and Louis would practically kill anyone that  tried to flirt with me! so i guess well never really have a chance.  

HARRY's p.o.v.

theres something about sadie that i absolutely love <3 the fact that shes cute,smart,beautiful,amazing i could go on for hours but i know she only likes me as a friend and nothing more. besides louis would kill me

  but i really cant hide my love ......can i?





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