Woman is beautiful women are smart Women is kind . They know how to make you feel.


1. Woman

Woman is beautiful

Woman is kind

Women are smart

They know how to treat your heart


If you treat a woman right

She will stand by you

No matter what happens

Be loyal and true


Treat her like a Queen

Then you will be her King

Give you anything you want

Treat her wrong and you will


Wish you was never born

She will fight for you

So don't try to run around

She will do something!


To you and the girl

She will love you only

If you treat her with respect

Love only her


Don't make promises

You can't keep

Say I love you and

Mean it.


Don't play games because

If you do, she will play to

She will break your heart into

Just because she can


A woman is just like a rose

Take care of her

She will open up for you

Like a rose in full bloom.






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