I Have What It Takes

My name is Dani. I'm 13 years old. The crowd roars with aplause as I step on to the stage. I'm only 13. It seems like I have come so far. What if it all ends in dissapointment. After all I am not suppost to be here. My fiingers instinctivly wrap around the microphone. I take a deep breath. This is the X-factor finals.
(This is for the M-Factor competition)


5. Phone Call

"Was I really that bad?" I asked Ethan. He looks at me puzzled.

"Bad?" He asks inbetween bites of his pizza. "You were great, what are you talking about?" He says.

"I just mean, well, I didn't even get to the chorus." I complain. 

"That's not one of the worse things that has happened in the history of boot camp." He replies.

"True, but" I interupt myself with a bite of pizza.

"Well, if you're already this scared, then I don't the X factor is the right thing for you." He laughes.

I punch him in the shoulder.

"Hey!" I say.

"Sorry, I was just joking." He said holding my chin up. I looked him in the eyes. He brushed my hair out of my face. My heart started beating. Fast. It wasn't like anything I had felt before. It was just a feeling of. I can't quit put my finger on it.


It was my phone.

"Who's that?" He asked.

It was Jake. For some reason I didn't want to tell Ethan. What would I tell him?

"Oh...that's just...my mom!" I stuttered. I slowly picked up my phone.

"Hey there Dani!" Says Jake. I bite my lip trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Hi...mom..." I say. Ethan is listening so I try to act like my mom is on the other end. Fortunatly, Ethan can't hear Jake's side.

"No, this is Jake." He replied.

"Oh yea, haha I know." I said still acting like it was my mom.

I gulped.

"Listen...mom" I said slowly.

"I am not your mom!" He shouted.

"Yea, i'll call you later. Bye" I said and quickly slapped the phone shut.

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