I Have What It Takes

My name is Dani. I'm 13 years old. The crowd roars with aplause as I step on to the stage. I'm only 13. It seems like I have come so far. What if it all ends in dissapointment. After all I am not suppost to be here. My fiingers instinctivly wrap around the microphone. I take a deep breath. This is the X-factor finals.
(This is for the M-Factor competition)


6. Part two

It was an accident. I promise. I wasn't trying to cheat. I really wasn't. Trust me, Ethan had nothing to do with this. Don't blame him. Blame me if anything. I know, I know, it shouldn't have happened, but it's not my fault. Really. It started like that. What you have just heard. That was just the begining. I guess you can say, that this is part two, but that's not how I think about it though.

Boot camp ended. Out of the hundreds of people that go to boot camp, only a fiew got to go to the next stage. The judges' houses. Among those, was Ethan, and I.  Maybe I should't have even passed boot camp. It all happened like this:


A lady came up to me. She handed me a card. The card said my name. I rubbed my thumb against it.

"I got group 2" I said cassually as I read my card.

"Group 4." Says Ethan. I sat against the wall and played with my hair. This was the end of boot camp. Soon, the judges will select the people that are going to the judges' houses.

"These groups are the ones that decide weather we move on or go home." I say.

"Yea, they're only gonna tell us if we move on or not."  He replies.

"What if..."

"Don't think that." He interupts.

"You're right." I smile.

"Group 1 to the stage!" A man shouts into a microphone.

"Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom." I say to him. I begin to walk down a hall. I don't exactly know where the bathroom is. I just wanted to spend some time wandering. Maybe, I wasn't headed to the bathroom. Maybe, I was stalling, nervous. That's when it happened. That's when I was saved.


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