I Have What It Takes

My name is Dani. I'm 13 years old. The crowd roars with aplause as I step on to the stage. I'm only 13. It seems like I have come so far. What if it all ends in dissapointment. After all I am not suppost to be here. My fiingers instinctivly wrap around the microphone. I take a deep breath. This is the X-factor finals.
(This is for the M-Factor competition)


2. Josh

There was still a fiew weeks before boot camp.

For now, I was just going to go to school normaly. I gobbled up the last bit of waffle. My mom had made them to congratulate me on my 4 yes's. 

"Mom, I know I was just on live TV and On Demand, possibly even Netflix in the future, but I still don't want to be late for school." I say.  I brushed my blonde hair to the side. I have two pink hilights wich i brushed out of my way. I reach over and grab my pink bag.

"Mom, the buss is almost here." I lean over and give her a kiss. "Love you!" I say.

"Love you too hunny!" She says while giving me a kiss on the cheak. I run out of the house with excitment. I can't wait to see Emma. She was watching me live from her living room the day I went on. Right after the auditions she called me to congratulate me. I made my way down the street across the corner, took a left, ran across the short park, and finaly made it to the buss stop.

"Dani!" She shouts as I run down the parking lot to get to the bus stop.

"Emma!" I shout as I get closer. I finaly reach her.

"You were great!" She says while hugging me. "In both of the songs of course!" She adds.

"Haha thanks! I was pretty awesome if I do say so myself." I reply.

"Hey...um listen." She gets quieter. Her tone slows.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Um..well Jake asked me for your number." She says.

"Oh." I say acting sad. It only takes us two seconds to screem.

"OMG! Jake asked for my number?" I screemed.

"Yes!" She replied.

"And...? You gave it to him right?" I asked. At that moment, my phone rang. I looked at my phone and smiled. I slowly made the hand gesture to pick it up. I swipped my hand on the screen.

"Hello?" I asked slowly. Nervously.

"Dani? Hey this is Jake. I saw you on the X factor." He said.

I mouthed the words "oh my gosh" to Emma.

"Oh yea haha that was me." I replied.

"Yea, listen. I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me?" He asked in a flirty tone.

"YES!" I shouted. "Yea, I mean yes." I said trying not to sound too obsessed.

"Great, so five minutes? I'll pick you up neer the second stairwell." He answered.

"But," I replied trying to gather my thoughts. "we have school..."

"Ever heard of ditching?" He asked. What is he trying to ask me to do? Ditch? How could I do that? That was bad! But then again, this was the guy every girl in school has a crush on, and he was asking me out! I have to say yes. I have to!

"Oh yea, second stairwell, 5 minutes, got it." I said. I tapped the screen to hang up.

Emma looked at me.

"So now your ditching with Jake?" Said Emma.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Dani?"

We laughed and got on the bus.

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