I Have What It Takes

My name is Dani. I'm 13 years old. The crowd roars with aplause as I step on to the stage. I'm only 13. It seems like I have come so far. What if it all ends in dissapointment. After all I am not suppost to be here. My fiingers instinctivly wrap around the microphone. I take a deep breath. This is the X-factor finals.
(This is for the M-Factor competition)


8. Change

I think about what Demi had said as I make my way back to Ethan.

"What took you so long?" He asks as I take a seat. I smile.

"I was just chatting with a friend." I wisper. I watch as a man crosses the huge room. He looks around, then spots a lady. I watch him shake his head and keep walking in my direction. He again, stopped to talk to a blonde. She shakes her head and the guy moves on. He talks to three other girls and then finaly comes to me.

"Excuse me. Are you Dani?" He asked. I was surprised. Why would he use my nick name? Why wouldn't he use my real name?

"There has been a change." He explaines. He pulls out a small peice of paper.

"One of the judges enstructed me to give that to you." He continues. The judge probably used the name they know me by. Dani.

"You have been moved to group 4." He says while showing me on the paper.

 "Oh ok." I say. I turn to thank him, but at that moment he hears something in his head set.

"Ok I'll be right there." He says into the little mocrophone resting infront of his mouth. Then runs off.

"That was odd." Ethan says.

"Why would they change it like that?" He asks. I giggle still remembering what Demi said.

"See you at my house." The words echo in my head.

"See you at my house." I focus on her tone. The image comes back to me. Her standing there. Turning around.

"See you at my house."

"See you at my house."

I turn to Ethan.

"Group 4." I say.

"We're safe. Ethan, we're safe." I whisper.

"And how do you know that?" He asks playfully.

"I don't know," I lie.

"I just have this feeling." I smile.

He looks into my eyes again. Our "moment" is interupted by a shout.

"Group 2!" A woman screems. I look at the doors leading to the stage. Group 1 comes in smiling, laughing, crying in joy.

"You see them." I say to Ethan pointing to group

"They got the good news." I whisper.

He looks at me again. I try to smile, but i'm caught in his eyes.




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