Memorry Ridden

Memories....sometimes taken for granted. What would happen if they all just disappeared one day? Starting over is the only explanation till those memories soon return.


3. Future lives

Twenty years later I got married to Ethan and Kate was my maid of honor. I love Ethan with all my heart and I’m truly happy.

I still have nightmares of Damien coming back for me every night especially when I’m alone. The sad part is that even though I fully remember the past it still doesn't seem real. Cody feels like a figment of my imagination. The only thing that seems real is the things that I went through that I actually remember. Sometimes I think of how things would have turned out if everything seemed more real than it actual was. For all I know all the memories could be fake.

When I’m in Ethan’s arms the nightmares seem to vanish and I don't think about the memories that returned to me by begging for them. I keep my mind busy to keep the past away.

I also heard Cody got a new girlfriend and is pretty as can be. I suppose everything worked out in the end even if sometimes it doesn't seem that way.

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