Memorry Ridden

Memories....sometimes taken for granted. What would happen if they all just disappeared one day? Starting over is the only explanation till those memories soon return.


2. A path to rememberance

I woke up and noticed there were mirrors surrounding the room. I looked at myself in one of them and saw needles all over my body. It was some kind of shot but I don’t know what for. My long black wavy hair was a mess. My skin was ghostly pale and my blue eyes seemed dull. I don’t remember anything. Why am I here? How did I get here? Did I get hurt and this is why they had to inject me with something? So many questions but not one answer. I took a deep breath and ripped out the needles from my body and dropped them to the floor. I stood up and my legs began to shake; barley strong enough to hold me up.
 The only door in the room slid open and a tall muscular man with gren eyes walked in. He was very tan, probably Italian. He had fiery red hair which made him look even scarier.

“Who are you?” I asked timidly.

“My name is Damien. Do you know why you’re here?” I shook my head.

“I don’t even remember my name.”

“You’re Olivia sweetheart. We saved you. People tried to kill you because you, my dear, are unique.”

“Unique? How?”

“You’re stronger than anyone in the world. You were born this way and that’s why people are after you.”

“Then I guess I owe you a thank you.” He shook his head and snapped his fingers. A man with long, gorgeous blonde hair and bright, ocean like eyes walked in. He was muscular but not as muscular as Damien.

“Ethan, you will be in charge of her.” He nodded and guided me out the door and into another room.

“Is this your room?” He nodded and grabbed a washcloth and ran it under the sink. I sat down on the edge of his bed. He walked over and cleaned up the spots where the needles were. “I can’t remember anything.”

“I know.” He had an attitude when he said it which aggravated me. “You will be fine.”

“Did we used to be friends?” He shook his head. I grabbed his arm and lowered it. “I’ll be fine.” I walked out of the room and he followed me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I didn’t answer just kept on walking. I walked into a high tech room. Everything was automatic and there were even holograms of people.

“Hello there, Olivia. I don’t think you remember me. My name is Kate.” I waved and just looked at her. She was all blue, but had all the features of a real person. I felt a tug on my arm as I looked I saw it was only Ethan.

“You’re not supposed to be here.” Damien walked in and saw all of us. “We were just leaving sir.” Damien put his hand up and Ethan immediately let go of me.

“She’s going to be the best of us. She might as well get cozy here. Bring her to her room.” Ethan walked out but I stayed and admired the room I was in. The technology was amazing. I wondered if everyone had this kind of technology or was it just us. “You should get to your room. Ethan should be waiting outside for you to escort you there. I nodded and smiled politely and walked outside to Ethan.

“Your room is this way.” He went in one direction till he finally hit my room. “Scan your eyes.”

“My eyes?” He nodded. So I put my eyes in front of a screen and it scanned it rather quickly so it didn’t hurt. As soon as the scanning process ended the doors opened and a voice said:

“Welcome Olivia.”

“That’s so cool!” I said excitedly and it seemed to make Ethan laugh a little. We both walked in and I took in the scenery of my room. I had a humungous window on one side of the room that took up the whole side of the wall. When you looked out of it you had a beautiful view of a nearby lake, the woods, and some mountains. It was gorgeous. All the doors in my room-to my closet and bathroom- were motioned censored.  “Thank you.” Ethan looked into my eyes for a minute but hurriedly looked away after a few moments.

“Take care. If you need me I will be around.” He walked out and I took a shower in the meantime. I wanted to know what I was really capable of. How strong was I really? I closed and opened my fists a million times just thinking of power. I tried to clear the thought out of my head and climbed out of the shower when suddenly loud buzzers went off which startled me. I put on a pair of clothes and Ethan ran in seconds later.

“We are going to need you!” He grabbed my hand and we ran out of the building. Damien met us at a tower close to a large town. Damien handed us both a gun.

“Just one?” I asked. Damien laughed and handed me another one and a dagger to go along with it. I hid the dagger in my tall black boots and held both guns. I don’t think I was fully prepared to go into battle because I was in a dress but I didn’t really care. “So why are we attacking them?”

“They attacked us first. We had a few people enter the town to make sure no one was plotting against us when they were attacked.”

I walked in the town casually with Ethan and Damien behind me. All I had on my mind was determination. Citizens came together blocking us from going any further. They had guns but nothing near as strong as ours.  I lifted up both of my guns. Damien and Ethan had bigger guns-almost like lazar guns- and pointed them towards the towns people.

“I wouldn’t even try it.” I said.

“You’re going to contaminate us!” Yelled one of the citizens

“We don’t need you.”

“Yeah? Well we don’t need you either!” The pesky little citizen shot me in the shoulder but it didn’t even hurt. I looked at the wound and the bullet made its way out of my body as the wound closed immediately.

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” I fired both my weapons and watched the people fall to the ground. Blood filled the grounds. Damien and Ethan fired as well. Their guns fired some kind of blue, fiery material. I didn’t ask what it was because it honestly didn’t matter.  I saw some of the others bombing the rest of the village. One of the villagers attacked me and I went flying through a building. I felt the impact but it didn’t hurt much. All the marks on my body indicated I was being shot by a grenade launcher dissipated.

 Ethan went to attack but Damien stopped him. This was my battle. A test of my strength. I dusted off the rebel that lay upon me.

“We need to dispose of you’re kind immediately.” The red hair lady said. I stood up and cracked my neck and knuckles. I walked up to her slowly taking the shots from her pathetic gun into my body. The wounds just kept healing like they were nothing. “What are you?” I swept my leg into hers and she fell to the ground and laid my foot onto her chest.

“Unique.” I put pressure on the ladies chest and you could hear the sound of her ribs breaking in half. Blood spurted out of her mouth.

“P-please stop.” I turned my head curiously and picked up her gun that was next to her. I aimed it at her head and fired. The bullet hit right in between the eyes and she was dead.

I began to walk back to my headquarters as everyone followed. “Make sure nobody else is plotting against us or they will suffer the same fate.”  I said. It was clear that I was just as much in control as Damien was. No one dared questioned me. I could crush anyone like a toothpick.
I went into my room and went into the shower to clean off the dirt and rebel that lay on me. I heard a knock on my door. “One minute.” I put on skin tight black jeans, a white ruffled shirt, and white boots. “Come in.”

“Hey Olivia.” Ethan said. I smiled. “Are you doing okay?” I stood as close to him as possible.


“Do you k-" I kissed his lips to shut him up.

“You’re a bad flirter.” His face turned a little red but I didn’t care if he was the best flirter or the worst. He kissed me again.

“I’m not the best at talking to pretty girls.” I blushed and placed my hands on his shoulders. “Well actually you aren’t pretty; you’re the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on.”

“So why weren’t we friends before I lost my memory hmm? I think we would have been best friend’s sweetie.” I slid my hands down his chest and around his torso as I placed my head on his shoulder. He didn’t answer he just held me in his arms when his phone rang. He answered.


“Ethan, this is Damien. Can you and Olivia report to the testing room?”

“Sure thing. We will be there right away Sir.” They hung up. “Come on we need to meet Damien.”

I nodded and followed Ethan out. We came to a scary looking room. There wasn’t a lot of light, and there were chains attached to every wall. Different kinds of weapons lay on tables in the middle of the room-they were all really scary looking.  Damien stood in front of a man that was chained to the wall.

“This person was caught trying to sneak into here.”  I looked at the man.  He was bleeding all over. His shirt was ripped but I couldn’t stop looking at his grey eyes.

“O-Olivia?” The boy said as he coughed up blood. I stood in front of him trying to get a better look at his face.

“How do you know my name?”

“It’s me Cody. Don’t you recognize me?”

“No sorry. Should I?”

“What did you do to her? Why doesn’t she remember me?” The boy yelled. “You’re all monsters!” Damien punched him as hard as he could in the stomach and for some reason it made me flinch.

“Damien don’t kill him. Let him live and be our slave.” He smirked at the idea and let the boy go showing that he will go along with my idea. “Come on I will get you cleaned up.” I helped him up and headed to the cleansing room. I cleaned him up with a wet towel and stitched up the stab wounds that covered his body. “So how do I supposedly know you?”

“Olivia, it’s me Cody.” My face must have looked puzzled because he proceeded to tell me how I should know him. “We were together for years. I love you Olivia. The only thing that has kept me going is the hope that you were still alive. They took you away from me. They murdered your entire family. You don’t belong here. ” I shook my head in disbelief.

“Don’t you think I would remember that?”

“Not if they didn’t want you to.”

“They have treated me well here.” He began to look angry.

“Look Olivia, it’s part of their plan! They want you to help take over the world! They want to be in control and they will do it anyway possible! You have to believe me and get out!”

“I’m exactly like them. I belong here I fit in. I’m not leaving. Now let’s go.” I walked up and out into my favorite high tech room where of course Kate was. “He’s the new slave. Watch him closely.” Kate nodded and I walked out trying to recall memory from before I entered this facility but nothing.

“Hey where have you been?” Ethan asked. I ignored the question totally. All I could think of is what Cody said to me.

“Ethan, are we the bad guys?” He hugged me tightly and replied:

“No sweetie. We are just misunderstood.”

“What do you mean?”

“People fear us and our power so they try to destroy us. We only try to protect ourselves which makes us seem like the bad guy.”

“Why can’t I remember anything before I came in here apparently sick?”

“I don’t know.” He said in almost a whisper. I escaped from his grasp and look at him in the eyes.

“Tell me the truth.”

“I honestly don’t know.” I watched his body’s response to check if he was lying.  His body was calm and his eyes showed nothing but concern.  I nodded and kissed his cheek.

“Neither do I but I’m going to find out.” My phone rang and I answered it. Of course it was Damien. He said we had to report back to the testing room and so we did. There was another person attached to the chains but this was one of our people. Blood ran from her mouth to the cold tiled floor but I didn’t even care. It was almost as if I had no emotions. “Why is she here?”

“She tried to kill me. So now kill her.”  I took the knife from my boot and put it to her throat.

“Wait Olivia! You have to know the truth!” I put my knife down as she continued to talk. “You aren’t really one of us! They are u-" Damien slit her throat and her blood poured out of her. 

“I don’t like liars. “ Damien looked at me and that is when I knew he was up to something. Soon I saw Cody who was cleaning up the blood and taking care of the limp body. Damien walked out without another word. My suspicions might be the death of me but I need to know the truth. I took Cody and Ethan and headed to Kate. Once in the room I turn off all the cameras and lock the doors.

“Tell me the truth! Why am I here? How did I get here? Tell me or I will shut you down!”

“I figured one day you would come here asking me. I just didn’t think it would be this soon. Everything Cody has told you is true.” I looked at Cody and then at Ethan.

“I want my memory back.” Kate nodded.

“We will have to be quick.”

They put me in the same room I woke up in that one day. I looked in the mirrors seeing what I have become but never knowing what I was. They hooked me up to some type of machine. I had no idea what it purpose it had before but now I see it was some type of memory machine. Before they rid me of my memory, now I will have it all back. The thing I’m afraid of most is what was my past like? I have fallen in love with Ethan but now that I will remember my feelings for Cody, what will happen?  The machine started to roar which meant it began. I took a deep breath and began to remember the past piece by piece.

It was almost like I was watching my past on a television screen. I heard a baby crying. It was me as a newborn baby. I saw my parents happy as can be to have a child-their first and only child. I watched us go on all of our travels together all over the world. We were happy but I remember what Cody told me “Damien murdered your family.” Finally I see me, meeting Cody for the first time at a movie theater. We were instantly attracted to each other. He handed me my tickets for me and my friends along with his cell number. After that we couldn’t stay away from each other. We were happy.

Now I see where Damien comes in. The smoke covering the beautiful blue sky I used to see every day. Now the world has turned glum. I can sense my feelings of disappointment but happiness that I still had my family and Cody.  I watched my family being murdered. It was slow and painful because they refused to tell them of my whereabouts. I wished they would have just told Damien and his crew so they didn’t have to die at least not so painfully. They ended up finding me and capturing me anyway. The past is as clear to me as the future is but I still think everything happens for a reason and I must stick to that saying.

I opened my eyes and looked into the surrounding mirrors and saw Ethan trying to hurriedly take the equipment off of me so Damien won’t know.

“I have a plan. Take Cody and head for the woods now.” He nodded without asking any questions and ran off.

“There is something I have to tell you.” Kate said. I looked at her curiously. “Every hologram here is a real person trapped. We are slaves and can’t feel anything anymore. It’s worse than just being a slave. It’s like being dead.”

“I’ll free you but first I have a plan.” I whispered the plan into her holographic ear. She understood the plan and carried it out as I began to figure out a way how to free all the people who were sent to a living death.  It wasn’t hard to figure out how to free all the people. The hard part was how to get them all out of here.

“You did it! Thank you!” Kate yelled as she ran into the high tech room. She looked exactly the same as her hologram but just in color. I smiled.

“You know what to do.” I said as I set off to find Damien. “Damien! Come out now!”

“You are causing a lot of chaos here sweetheart.” My eyes narrowed in anger.

“I know everything.” He smirked. I punched him in the face wiping that stupid grin off. It was a fight to the death.  We beat each other up until we were both covered in blood-both ours and the others. I heard sounds coming for the other side of the building. All I could think of was that I was out of time and needed to get out of here. I took my dagger out of my boot and shoved it into Damien’s heart. He tried to get out a few words but he gave into his wounds to quickly.
I saw the explosions heading my way and began to run as quickly as possible but not fast enough. The explosions sent me flying through the outside world but at least I wasn’t trapped in an unrealistic one anymore. 

“Olivia! Are you okay?” I could hear Ethan’s voice but it sounded so distant and slow. I could see him right next to me but it seems that I’m slipping away. Kate was trying to heal my wounds which she was very good at. The pain seemed to dissipate slowly.  “Olivia.” Ethan’s voice sounded real again.  I looked around and saw Cody watching me but afraid to confront me. I sat up and walked to him.

“Cody.” He smiled at the sound of my voice. “I did love you but everything that’s happened I can’t see going back. I don’t think things will be the same anymore. I’m sorry.” He looked at me but didn’t seem surprised.“I know but don’t forget I will always love you.” I kissed his cheek in one last good bye as I watched him walk away in the woods. That could be the last time I ever see him but he will forever be remembered as the boy who saved me.

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