My Harley And I

Going down the highway singing as I go. Around the curve's. My harley and I.


1. My Harley And I

Going down the highway

Singing as I go

Around the curves

My harley and I


The cars zip past

The driver's blow their horn's

As we ride on

My harley and I


Sleek as can be

A beauty to see

Run like the wind

My harley and I


Pick up the speed

Feel the breeze

It's such a thrill

My harley and I


Harley's are the best

Fast as can be

Long and sleek

A harley with me on the back


Sitting in style

With lot's of grace

I have style

Riding my harley


No other place

I would rather be

Then riding my harley

With my hair blowing in the breeze


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