Live While We're Young...

I went over to take a picture with them. As I walked over i found a place near my bestest friends the ones I truly love more than anything. Ashley, Barbara, Kerley..... and um...hehe... One direction. And I'm kind of falling for.... Two of them? Gahh! My life is a wonderful mess...


2. the concert!

***Aubry's P.O.V****

          As I walked down the stairs, the girls actually blindfolded me! I was on the last step when all of the sudden ,boom, the lights went out.


“GAAHH” I squealed.

They all giggled “You cant be allowed to see until we get there!” Ashley giggled.

“don’t ruin her hair!” Kerley squeaked.

I groaned, this can't be good.

We got outside and warm sticky breeze hit my face, oh how I love the summer. As we hopped in the car I felt scared, which was stupid cause I was with my bestest friends.

We drove for a long time I couldn’t tell because, oh yea, I was blind folded!

“we are here!” Ashley’s voice scarred me because I didn’t think it would be that close.

Slowly they removed my blind fold and they helped me out of the car

“OH MY GOD, You didn't!” I exclaimed.

“oh yeah we did!” they all cheered.

We were at a one direction concert! I never really heard their music. But my friends have and they told me they were really good. I have heard some songs on the radio, but I don’t like the radio it means that their voices were all fixed up and artificially recorded. I wanted to hear the real deal.

Quickly we all speed walked to the the concert. When we entered it was HUGE! We made our way to the third row. They must have paid thousands to get these seats! I made a mental note to pay them all back later.

Just as I was in thought, five, handsome, boys came out to the stage. “Hey guys we are all really happy your all hear!” the curly headed wonder said with a strong British accent. And the crowd erupted into cheers.

“All right this is 'One Thing'!” the dark haired boy whose hair was perfect said with a deep accent.

As the music started I instantly heard the brown headed boys voice fill my ears. They sung beautifully. Soon after the curly headed boy sang and I was already hooked. Soon after the boy with the perfect hair joined. And finally my heart almost stopped when I heard all of them. This was so much better; hearing them live. I can actually hear the notes which sounded beautifully. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes to listen more closely, I heard a beautiful Irish accent too. I soon stayed like that swaying side to side. They sang a couple more songs and then they took a break. I really needed to go use the bathroom so I told the girls. I swiftly escaped the crowd, and made my way to a hallway. I entered and took a left guessing that would be the way to go. I heard footsteps and I totally freaked out.

“Hey stop!” a security guard said and I could faintly hear him. So I stopped and took a turn trying to look for them. I turned to a hallway and by now I was really frighted. I started to walk faster until I was running. And all my thoughts of using the bathroom was gone I just wanted to get back to the stadium. I took fast turn and bumped into someone and fell on my bum. Ouch! I winced in pain I had hit my head on the nearby wall. My vision was blurry but I could see the curly headed boy kneeling down to me asking me questions,

“ oh my god, are you all right, love?” I could faintly hear. I responded with a weak moan. “my head” I tried to say but it came out as another moan. He picked me up bridal style and started jogging. He entered a room that looked like his dressing room. “Liam! Help!” he called. He set me down on a couch. This time the pain hit me really hard and it hurt so much! I let out another moan before I completely blacked out.

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