Live While We're Young...

I went over to take a picture with them. As I walked over i found a place near my bestest friends the ones I truly love more than anything. Ashley, Barbara, Kerley..... and um...hehe... One direction. And I'm kind of falling for.... Two of them? Gahh! My life is a wonderful mess...


1. its my birthday... yay?

**** Aubry's P.O.V.*****

The light shining in my huge windows wasn't the first thing to wake me up. Around 6 in the morning the birds decided to be extra loud today! It was already 9:50 and I was way to lazy to even move a muscle. I rolled over only to fall an the ground. "It's your BFF calling" my annoying old phone rang-ugh. I picked it up to the voice of a familiar feminine voice. " Hello, love! It's time to wake up we have the biggest surprise for you!" Ashley chirped through the speaker. Why a surprise you might ask? Well you see it is my birthday, and my neatest friends that I love ever so much... Decided to drive me to a surprise gift that they all bought. And even though I told them to please not make my 18th birthday a big deal they were suddenly deaf and decided to do it anyways. I definitely dislike surprises with a passion. You see, I have a theory that my birthday is cursed, why? Well for the past 17 years of my life on my birthday something terrible always happens! Call me crazy but I think it's true!!! You'll see this birthday I have a feeling something worse is going to happen.... Well crap.

Lazily, I got up from the cold floor. "Can you tell me what the surprise is?" I said barely trying I know she won't tell me.
"Nah, you'll just have to wait!" Ashley exclaimed. Crap. "Now open the door we are downstairs waiting to get you ready!"
"Um... Okay..." I hesitated. I slowly made my way downstairs of my small loft and opened the door. There stood three absolutely gorgeous girls. Ashley, had light brown perfectly curled hair cascading down her face. Her skin color was fair and her green eyes glowed and her eye lashes we're beautifuly long. Next to her was Kerley, hey blond hair was short and styled like miley cyres's hair. And her blue eyes were beautifuly complimented with her lighly tanned skin. And finaly barbara was next to her, her wide beautifuly hazel eyes innocently complemented her face. Her hair was long and strawberry blonde, with light waves. I sighed with joy those girls were my bestest frien and compared to me, they make me look like the hulk, with their beautifully toned bodies.

"We are going to make you look like a goddes tonight!" Barbara said brightly gesturing to the duffle bag she had in her hands.

"Whatever you say... come in" I allowed then through and we went upstairs to my room, and sat on my bed. I waited patiently as thay looken through my large closet and picked out what I would wear. Finally, they all agreed on a tanktop and a overly big sweater on top that showed my right shoulder and some black high waisted pants witch I tucked the sweater into. I looked in the mirror, wow those girls know there stuff.

When I showed then they all complemented my outfit and went to do my make up. As they did my make up I. Unsuccesfully tried to ask them about my surprise but they wouldn't buge. When they were done they allowed me to look in the mirror. The girl staring back at me was gorgeouse her long blonde hair was curled and delecetly complemented her face. Her blue/green eyes stood out and her long eyelashes complemented them, her delecate tan skin was flawlis,without any blemish in sight. She almost looked worthy enough to compare to my friends.

"Wow guys thank you I look amazing!!!!" I squeeled along with them

"Now all we need to do is drive to your present!" They all squeeled
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