Live While We're Young...

I went over to take a picture with them. As I walked over i found a place near my bestest friends the ones I truly love more than anything. Ashley, Barbara, Kerley..... and um...hehe... One direction. And I'm kind of falling for.... Two of them? Gahh! My life is a wonderful mess...


3. concussion.

Harry's P.O.V***



           As I was walking back to my dressing room I jogged to keep up with the boys. But I stopped to use the bathroom. I came out and they had already left me. So I jogged over to my dressing room. I took a turn and bumped into someone.

“Oh my god, sorry I didn’t see you there!” I said surprised. Before be a blond girl stood in front of me but tumbled back and hit the nearby wall.

“oh dear, are you okay, love?” I questioned a little scared.

She let out a soft moan.

Oh no this cant be good, soon I saw a little blood on her blond hair. She let out another moan. Quickly I picked her up bridal style and jogged to the room where the boys were. I entered and set her down carefully. “Liam! Help!” I called Liam because I knew he would know what to do he always did. She let out another pained moan and went limp. Oh no, oh no I thought and started to panic.

Just then Liam entered the room and I started pacing. “Liam! Help I bumped into this girl and she hit her head and now she's bleeding!” I spoke quickly. Liam went strait to her and felt her pulse, “she's still alive Harry now calm down, she probably has a concussion, but I highly doubt it she might have just blacked out...” he said. Oh thank god! By now the boys had rushed in and asked what was going on. I told them everything.

“we have to take her to the hospital!” Zayn said scared.

“But what about the concert?” asked Niall. “We cant just leave her here!” I exclaimed.

Liam had already took her in bridal position and was headed to the car. We all followed and asked Paul to tell the fans that there was an incident and that we would make it up to them. We arrived at the hospital and checked her in. “ you have to wait outside while they do a CAT scan.” she said. As we waited for the doctor to come out come with the news. I was pacing anxiously waiting, this was all my fault!

“Harry, man, calm down!” Louis said and I took a seat next to him. The doctor finally came out with the news.

“Mhmm, Ms. Aubry?” he asked. All of the boys and me stood up “Yeah?” I asked.

“okay, she does have a concussion... and she blacked out from the pain... but she should be waking up any day now...”

I sighed wait... “any day!” I exclaimed.

“huh? Oh no my bad, I meant any hour now” and with that he walked away. “Can I go see her?” I asked before he left, “oh yes, room 220.”

I made my way over with the boys and found the room. I softly opened the door, and saw her. She had a cable connected to her arm. “ this is all my fault!” I said softly. “it's all right man, just an accident” Niall tried to comfort me. “man I’m hungry who wants to go for a bite?” Niall asked , Liam and the boys left to get some food but I stayed. Now I really had a good look at her she was gorgeous! Her blond hair was still down but a little messy but it made her look like a goddess! Slowly I went to go sit next to her. I soothingly went to comfort her cheek with my hand. She stirred in her dream. And slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes! They were blue, but also green I cant explain it, aqua?

“hello love do you feel better?” I asked.

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