A battle against good and evil. Who could possible win in this battle? The good or the evil, the light or the dark, or the angels or the demons?


2. Hero

Two hundred days have passed and Benjamin already arrived at the front gates. I was hoping we would have more time, we aren't ready. I grabbed a sword and a small knife from the weapon room and set out for battle. I grabbed my horse- Ace- and galloped to the front gates. As I got closer and closer I heard the screams of dying people. The smell of blood filled my nose. The clashing of the swords hitting each other filled my ears. I hope it’s not too late to save the majority of my people. I can’t let them down. I made a promise and I will not back down.

I looked at all the dead bodies, some ours, some Benjamin's. The battle just started and there were already hundreds of casualties. I looked up into the eyes of evil, a man with no soul, a true man of evil. If you believe in the devil, imagine someone more evil, more devious than him and you got Benjamin. "Benjamin." I said; my voice had no other feeling behind it but hatred. I saw a smirk go across his pale, wretched face.

"Oh if it isn't my dear sister Eleanor." His voice sounded devious but I tried to ignore it. "Your kingdom will fall." I didn't reply. I wouldn't give him the privilege to talk to me. I took out my sword, aiming it to the sky. I was ready to fight but so was Benjamin.

"Charge!" I yell to my army as they attack Benjamin's army but I go after Benjamin himself. All I could think about was vengeance. He killed our parents so I had to kill him. Every night I have the same nightmare. Our parents begging for their life, the blood filling the cold, tiled floor, the screams of them dying. That night will forever haunt me as long as I'm alive. This was the cause of his banishment even though he saw nothing wrong with the brutal murders he made.

I run towards him and my swords grazes his arm, blood trickles out of the injury. The first wound I laid upon him was only superficial but there was so much more to come. We run towards each other and our swords slices into the horses, as they fall so do we.
I was dazed but I couldn't let that stop me. I slowly stood up. I looked up to see Benjamin already standing. I let my eyes wander around and the only image I see is the death surrounding my kingdom. There is so much destruction. How could this happen? How could someone be like this? Everything is crumbling; the gorgeous trees have fallen, the white glittery snow turns red, as the screams of agony fills the silent air around the kingdom.

I take a deep breath and I walk towards my brother. Our swords hit each other over and over again. One more hit, my sword goes flying in another direction, far from me. Benjamin points his sword towards my vulnerable throat. I stare at him, covered in blood. The blood is both mine and his. "This is the end. If only you stood by me it wouldn't have to end like this."

"I would rather die with my people then ever join you." I spit at him to show my disgust of what he has become. Believe it or not Benjamin used to be a sweet kid but he became obsessed with power. Too much power can corrupt the sweetest of people.

"So be it." I closed my eyes, ready for the end. All of a sudden I hear the sound of two swords clashing against each other. I reopen my eyes to see Peter fighting Benjamin. Benjamin loses his sword and glares at Peter.

"You could never win Benjamin." Peter whispers. Peter goes for one last strike. I sigh, and hear two piercing loud bangs. The noise was deafening.  My eyes widen. I look at Benjamin’s hand; he is holding a weapon I have never seen before. It was powerful and dangerous. This monstrous weapon matched my brother perfectly.

"NO!" I scream. Blood begins to poor out of Peter's mouth. Boom, another shot from that unknown weapon that Benjamin beholds. Water fills my eyes as Peter falls to the floor. I run over to him and take off my jacket and rip it. I put the pieces of my jacket around Peter's wounds. "It's going to be okay Peter, I promise." He places his hand on my face, still warm even though the rest of his body was ice cold.

“Like it? It’s called a gun. My people discovered it.” Benjamin said coldly.
I didn’t even look up at him. My attention was focused on Peter. "I love you." Peter managed to say. A tear ran down my face as Peter's hand falls off my face and his body goes limp. I stood up and faced the demon. Boom, I hear the gun go off and my leg fills with pain. I try and ignore it; I take one last glance at my falling kingdom. I wish it didn't have to end like this. I take out my knife and stab Benjamin in the stomach.

"Like I said this is the end." Benjamin whispers in my ear. Boom. Another gun shot. I grasp the knife tightly and slit Benjamin's throat quickly. Boom, was the last thing I hear as Benjamin falls into the red covered snow.

I look at my hand that was covering my stomach. It's covered in blood. I spit out the metallic tasting blood that filled my mouth. I fall into the untainted white, glittery snow.

I slowly turn my head towards Peter. "I love you." My words slurred together as the world dissipates.  Now I'm forever at a place where it's perfect all the time just like the kingdom before all the chaos.


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