A short story on the subject of supernatual and blinding love ;-)


1. He is watching you....

The lady tossed and turned in the bed her black hair leaving imprints of grease on the pillow due to lack of washing. Her hands that lay on the top of the cover showed her nails which were puffy and swollen from being bitten to the quick too many times.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and pulled back the covers. Her eyes showed the haunted look that’s only gained from long and intense worrying. However the most shocking thing about her was her body, her skin seemed to cling to her bones like clothes to a drowning man. She was so thin that you could almost see through her.

She slowly eased herself to her feet as if in extreme pain, it was only then that her criss-cross scars on her wrists became visible.  Her walk held a dreamlike state as she stumbled towards the door.

Gripping the banisters of the fire escape she painfully climbed, tears sprang to her eyes every time she put weight on her wrists. She swayed with the sudden gust of wind that buffeted her when she reached the top of the 20 story building. With slow and deliberate steps she dragged herself to the edge; tears were now coursing down her cheeks. She stood there tilting backwards and forwards as if she was steeling herself to do it, to fall. She lifted one foot.

‘Cassandra,’ cried a sing-song voice from the middle of the roof. She turned around the haunted look replaced with extreme fear. Behind her stood a man in a pristine evening suit, his face was completely impassive, one eyebrow raised. Raising his hand he beckoned to her and she was dragged, as if by an invisible force towards him.

When she was less than a foot away, he held out his arms. Immediately the rusty supports that had been holding her up all this time shattered and she collapsed into his arms. Her body shook with the violent sobs, as he continually patted his head.

‘Hush, hush young one, what were you doing here eh? You need to stop doing this it is very stressful!’

Through her gulping and gasping, words could be made out.

‘Sir…..I…..can’t…….this anymore. Not to the children…..The poor……things. Please…. I want to end this.’

A look of irritation crossed his face as she raised her tear stained face towards him. The irritated look was soon replaced with pure rage as he observed the snotty and shivering wreck before him.

‘How are we going to get this into that thick head of yours Cassandra? Hmm? We CANNOT die, we are already dead! In fact we are undead, we are floating in-between the living world and hell!’

He bared his teeth in a forced grin to show the vampire fangs and then roughly stuck his fingers into her mouth and ran his fingers down hers. Cassandra looked at him with a hurt expression on her face. He sighed and lifted her face up with his knuckle.

‘Tut, tut, tut. All those tears are hiding your looks! Maybe this will help?’

Then he kissed her long and hard on the lips, she reacted strongly. First she tried to pull away and then she melted into him. Finally they disconnected and he, with a fleeting smile, disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

Cassandra stood still for a moment, her arms still entwined in the air where the man had stood a few seconds before. Then she collapsed into a shaking wreck in the middle of the roof.

Silently I snapped my video camera closed; that was all the evidence I needed.






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