When living in london you want to meet one direction but not this way...


4. Whats my problem?

5 days later.....
Going to the airport was not that cool riding in scilence and texting my mom saying that im going to miss u and putting a sad winky face to close it up is not as easy as it sounds my bff fo life is away on a cruz this summer so i was a loner until Zayn came around. Well FML, pulling up at the airport getting out of the car, trying to fight thru this crowd of screaming girls looking back at my past thinking i used to be one of them. " Jess you ok?" Zayn asked calling me the nickname when we were dating. "Yep everything is ok", i said like i havent been thru this before. Getting on the plane wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, trying to fall asleep Zayn kept buging me about how life has been and all. When he stopped talking i put my earphones in and guess what song came on? We are never ever ever getting back together by Taylor Swift. My homie. ;)
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