When living in london you want to meet one direction but not this way...


3. Vas Happenin?!!

Ok so we left off by me going down stairs.
I finally reached the end of the steps seeing Zayn and my mom talking and drinking coffee.... Akward.
" Um why is he here?" i ask my mom " He is here because he has to ask you something," with a smile on her face and she knows i dont like him.... UGHH " what is it Zayn?" i ask impaticently
" Well, do you want to come on tour with me?" he asked shyly. " Wait, you got the gig?!!" I said loudly. "Umm yep...", " Of couse ill come with you, as a friend that cares though" i said cooly. " Great!!" he says "Eh so does the tour start?" i ask " In 5 days..." he said "ok ill start packing!!" i said like i didnt hate him still. I ran up stairs thinking this is going to be fun getting my revenge...
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