When living in london you want to meet one direction but not this way...


5. Sorry

Meeting one direction was kinda weird because i havent seen them in a while and they know we dated. Ok since ur dying to know what happened so walking in on Zayn with this girl Perrie (no hate just using a name) making out and so yeah that was like 1year ago and i 1/2 forgave him but not all the way though. Zayn was sleeping as usuall and idk how he could because all the strong winds outside.... I put Taylor Swift on reply, she like knows what im going thru. Sigh there is nothing to talk about so i finally drifted off so excited to go to California you know being from a small town in all you really dont explore, the only place i have been was Disney World in Florida other than that, thats about it. I woke up to Zayn trying to go pee and acidentally kneed him in that spot were guys dont liked to be kneed " Ouch, what was that for!!" he said " Sorry you kinda woke me up so it was kinda a reflex." And i watched him kinda limp to the bathroom holding that spot.
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