When living in london you want to meet one direction but not this way...


6. I want

"Zayn stop it thats getting really annoying." i said because he was Vas Happenin to every person he saw including me like 5000 times " Vas Happenin?!" he said just to get on my nerves " ok i get it, jeez." i said. Finally stopping he asked " So what u wanna do since we in cali?", " Um go eat!!" i said "ok where?" he said " um idk, mabey Olive Garden?" i said " ok cool, we shall go to thy Olive Garden!" he said in this weird accent. " well make a reservation abd lets go shopping!!" i said a girly girlish. " Ok!!" he said like Louis would. " Where are we going to go meet the boys?" i said " "Um 8:00 at the hotel." he said ." well its 6:00 now so we like have to speed eat?". "yep, pretty much." he said. When the buzzer went off we went in Olive Garden and ordered pasta and breadsticks the basics, Zayn ordered the huge neverending pasta thing and only ate 2 times, which was a waste of money if u ask me. Since it was like 7:30 we didnt go to the mall, oh well. Pulling up at the guess hotel i saw One Direction in there cover up outfits and i wanted to go and fangirl but i couldnt. I want, i want, i want, but thats crazy.
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