never in a life

i had a bad feeling but we had to go through the strange hole in our old school we have a new school beacuse there were strange murders going on. 1st an hour after school to the costotians then 30 mins after to the groups of kids that were still there then teachers went missing. soon kids were being killed during class when the teacher was gone. we have never seen him before or should i say (it) before now were taking a bigger chance to die than before.


2. one in a million

We all went running to where the screams were. the janitors closet. It sounded like someone or something was torturing allia in there then the screams stopped everything was silent.... then i couldn't take it anymore. i ran inside and there she was on the ground. There were markings where she had been stabed it was scary i grabbed my phone and called the police when they came they searched the whole school really good. They found nothing. I was so sad. That night i visted the Hospital where Allia was. she was awake. I  said in a soft voice "hi allia" she said "hey" Then i sat at the end of the bed holding her hand then she started shaking all over her eyes rolled back into her head. Then she stopped. she started choking on something. something was coming out of her mouth it was red. It was blood. Then with blood all around her she stopped. she got pale. With her eyes still open she drifted away. Knowing shes in a better place i left smiling. with a couple of tears rolloing down my face.

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