Another side to me : Love hurts

Mali has to choose between love or life..find out what happens in the new twisted sequel to another side to me , hope you guys like it xx


3. Welcome home

As me and Alex stepped through the portal and onto a cloud , the golden gate , which stood before them , clanged open and they were greeted by thousands of cheers from the angels she missed the most. Alex seemed shocked at first but then his expression returned to miserable. I thought he was all right with Maya staying behind...After all , she might change her mind.

"Mali!!!!Mali!!!!Over here , Mali!!!!" Someone shouted.

Me and Alex turned our heads to a screaming woman with a little girl and a teenage girl. Mom , Evie and Genie!

For you's that dont know , my mom is my mom , Evie is my little sister and Genie is my bestest friend ever.

We pushed and shoved our way through the still cheering crowd to mom , Evie and Genie.

"Hi mom , hiEvie , hi Genie!!" I said excitedly.

"Hi" Alex muttered glumly.

"Hiii Mali!!" They all nearly shouted simultaneously.

"Wheew you guys do that all the time now?"

"pretty much"

They done it again.Geeee its good to be home!


A/N Heyy guys sorry is this is a bit short but ah well..its still a chapter and BTW ive got a new favourite thing to say that I say ALL THE TIME it is... I FEEL LIKE A PENGUIN. Byebye xx

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