Another side to me : Love hurts

Mali has to choose between love or life..find out what happens in the new twisted sequel to another side to me , hope you guys like it xx


4. My what?!?

Chapter 4 - My what?!?

Me , Alex , Mom and Evie began our five minute walk home.Genie had went off to find her own family in the cheering crowd so she wasnt with us.Before we knew it , mom was opening the door to the house I had missed so so so much.

"Well darlings , we're home!" mom cheered.

"Yey I havent been here in forever!" I almost yelled , what the heck I did yell!

"its nice.."Alex muttered again.

"Mali , darling , is that some sort of speech you picked up in the mortal world because it didnt make much sense to me..."

"Oh sorry mom I meant I havent been her in a while.."

"Oh its fine darling.Right here are the rooming plans , Mali you will be rooming with Evie , Alex you will be in the spare room , I will be in my own room of course with Danny and Jay and Mike will be in your room , Mali."

"Uhhh mom whos Danny , Jay and Mike?"

"You're step dad and two step brothers."

"My what?!?"


A / N : Heyy I just randomly decided to add this part in so hope you like it ;)

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