Another side to me : Love hurts

Mali has to choose between love or life..find out what happens in the new twisted sequel to another side to me , hope you guys like it xx


1. Listen to your heart

Chapter 1 - Listen to your heart


When people say listen to your heart what do they mean? Is a big thumping beat meant to say the answer? It might in some cases but certainly not in this one.

"Sorry but I cant choose between love and life , its just not fair!" I say and hot tears begin to roll quickly down my cheeks.

"You have too , come back to heaven see your family , we'll welcome you back like a hero , we all will."

"But what about Maya and Alex?"

"Take them with you."

I turned around to Maya and Alex and all three of us just stared at one another , almost as is we were reading each others minds.

"When do we leave?" They said simultaneously.


A/N ~ Sorry guys for the really short chapter but ive had writers block and ive revealed a lot also it is early!!!!!!

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