Another side to me : Love hurts

Mali has to choose between love or life..find out what happens in the new twisted sequel to another side to me , hope you guys like it xx


5. Dogs

Chapter 5 - Dogs

"I heard  but still , what?!?"

"Before you were gone I fell in love with Danny and he proposed to me and I didnt want to hang around but I was planning on telling you but the chosen ones ceremony happened and you were gone so you didint find out the good news.So now Danny , Jay and Mike live with us and until we can get a bigger house these are going to be the rooming plans."

"Urghhh mom!"

"Dont have that attitude with me , young lady!"

"I'll do what I bloody hell like mom!"



"They are your step brothers."

"I turned to where she was facing and gasped.They were totally and utterly rank and vile.They stunk of 'alcohol' and 'smoke' they were dogs.One was about 17 and 6 foot 4 so quite tall against a 5 foot 3 me.He was Jay.The other one was the spitting double of him but about 5 foot 1 and was about 10 so was really tall for his age to be honest.They were staying in my room?!? You think im exagerrating here but no I am most definitely not , I am honestly disinfecting my room once they are out of there.

First of all was Jay.Jay Davidson as he introduced himself and turns out he was 17 and he was sweating like a pig but was one of those people that could sweat like a pig but not do one single tiny thing to make him sweat like that.He had scraggly long black hair on his head and even a beard.Did this dude not even shave?He disgusts me.He disgusts me from head to foot.

The next one wasnt much better but at least he didnt have any beard but his other ugly features I couldnt put down to puberty as he was too young.He introduced himself as Mike Davidson and was only 10 as I guessed and sweated just as bad as his older brother.They were'nt even fat either so what made them both sweat so much? It confuses me and disgusts me to go on about this subject.Ewww they are rank.

And they are my step brothers.


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