Another side to me : Love hurts

Mali has to choose between love or life..find out what happens in the new twisted sequel to another side to me , hope you guys like it xx


2. Change of Plans

Chapter Two - Change Of Plans

  "Oh. My. God." Maya gapped as we packed. She had come over to my flat to help me. "We're actually going to Heaven! But we aren't dieing...but we're still going to Heaven! What should I wear? I don't know what to-"

  "Maya!" I cut her off. "As long as you have a white gown, you'll fit right in."

  But Maya doesn't seem persuaded. Which is understandable. I didn't just go to Heaven, I died. Of course, I forgot everything, but I fitted right in, because I had the white gown. It's almost like a trademark of Heaven, even though thousands of people in the mortal world have white gown.

  "I'm totally not going to fit right in!" Maya retorted. But I just ignored her and kept packing. As long as she didn't make a fool out of herself, I didn't really care. Which is harsh, considering she helped me a lot in the mortal world.


  "You guys ready?" Alex asked, picking up his bags and turning to the portal to Heaven, which was exactly where I had landed in the tree. Yeah, we had the climb the tree. And by the looks of it, Maya and Alex weren't going to be able to do it.

  "Let's go," I say, climbing into the tree. Surprisingly, Alex follows. Unsurprisingly, Maya doesn't. I look down at her and sigh.

  "It's OK Maya!" I call down to her, gesturing for her to climb the tree. But Maya just takes step back.

  "I-I'm not going.

  At first, I wasn't sure who said it. Had it slipped out of my mouth? Had Alex suddenly change his mind? Was Maya scared to climb the tree? I look down at Maya, who is looking at the ground, and I realize it was her.

  "-Just can't stay!" Alex says. In my daze, I hadn't realized he was talking.

  "I'm sorry...I just can't."

  And just like that, she was gone. I looked at Alex, and Alex looked at me. I know he won't leave me, but he must feel torn.

  "Let's go," Alex sighs, "the portal won't disappear until a third person goes through it...let's just hope she changes her mind before someone else notices the portal..."

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