Another side to me : Love hurts

Mali has to choose between love or life..find out what happens in the new twisted sequel to another side to me , hope you guys like it xx


6. A nice walk.. RUINED??

"Hey babe.." It said (Jay) .

"Wazzup.." That thing says to me (Mike).

Yuck. I thought they were bad before they even spoke and then jay spat on the floor! I could see my mother flinch but she didnt say a word.

I didnt even answer. All I done was walk off , head held high with poor Alex tagging along behind me. We stopped at the door.

"Mali?" He asked.

"Yeah?" I replied with.

"I dont really like your step brothers.." 

"Me either.." 

"How about we go on a walk?"


Ok that conversation might have been a tad awkward and it definitely could have been better but time to face wintery heaven. Its always winter like in heaven , never cold though but its really pretty the way it sparkles in the sunlight but can never melt away.

I lead Alex through all of the beautiful squares , his mouth wide open as we pass through every single one.Until we begin our way back home , through a short cut in the white , snow covered tree's. Where me and my best friend Tommy used to mess around in the sunlight day after day , everyday.

I bump into someone and I am certainly shocked at what I see before me.

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