Gone Missing

A perfect life one day, then the next an unknowing future...


1. The Taking

It’s Friday night and I’m walking to my car after shopping. My boyfriend Nick, of two and half years, and I are supposed to be going out on a date tonight and I decided to go shopping after school to surprise him with a little gift. I was walking to my car and it was pitch black out which made it kind of hard to find where I parked. I unlocked it and the lights flashed. There’s my car, I thought.

            I popped the trunk, put the bags of clothes I bought for myself inside and was about to close it when he yanked me back so hard we both fell to the ground. His hand covered my mouth and I tried to pry it off. I failed miserably.

            “Don’t try anything stupid or you will regret it.” His voice was silky smooth. It sounded very seducing, but it wasn’t creepy. From my slanted view I saw that the parking lot was empty. No one was around and it was pitch black except for a few lamp posts. I saw a couple of rocks a few feet away. If only I could reach it. There was a van parked a few spaces away from my car. It was white and fairly clean from what I could tell. I looked at his hand; it was very big and looked strong. My head was scrambling with all of the options I could do, thanks to my dad. He was Chief of a Police Academy and taught me how to protect myself against an enemy. I couldn’t think of anything and I was suddenly losing hope.

            I stopped fidgeting at this point. I realized there was nothing I could do. Then I thought, “He’s going to kill me anyway.” And at that I started to struggle again. I was kicking and elbowing and trying to scream, but it only came out muffled. I was doing anything I could to get away. Nothing worked. I thought for a second, breathing hard. On an instinct I bit; bit hard. He retched out in pain. My words were quick and loud.

            “Help me!” I screamed. “HELP!” I screamed even louder, at the top of my lungs. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t try to do to get away.

            “You bitch!” He cried. His hand tasted and smelt like a warm vanilla sugar hand lotion. I would know that smell anywhere; it is my favorite lotion/perfume. He felt very strong with his arms wrapped tightly around me. He became even angrier and covered my mouth again. He held me even tighter and it was getting harder to breath. His hand was covering my nose, cutting me off from air. I was running out of ideas, and more importantly, escape opportunities.

            I had one more shot to do something productive and I couldn’t blow it no matter what. I thought of two spots where guys were most sensitive. I needed to act quickly if I was going to survive. I lifted my head and my bent leg as far away from him as I could and then I swung at the same time in both spots.

            The back of my head went straight into the bridge his nose and the heel of my foot dropped hard onto his groin. He cried out in pain as he let go and held himself. I rolled away from him and he cradled on the ground in agonizing pain.

            I scrambled up off the ground. I didn’t turn my back on him, especially because that’s what all the stupid girls do in the movies and they always get killed. I didn’t want to go to my car, but I went over to grab my keys and Nick’s present off the ground. I bent down to pick them up when suddenly someone grabbed my hair and yanked me back. I crashed onto the ground in a daze. My head hurt and everything was in slow motion. I blinked and slowly turned my head to see if the guy was still on the ground where I left him. To my surprise he was.

            When I saw him there I was happy, but then I was disappointed. Mostly, though, I was confused. He has a partner. I said to myself. CRAP! I’m dead; I’m so dead! His partner grabbed my leg and started to drag me away.

            “NO!” I screamed in a scratchy, high pitched voice. I tried to dig my fingers into the ground, but they just scraped away as he pulled. I was squirming a lot and it made it harder for him to pull me. I heard him ‘huff’ and then he stopped pulling me. I tried to crawl away, but he was on top of me putting something over my mouth. It was sticky. Tape, I thought. I shook my head wildly as he tried to cover my mouth. He slapped my face. It burned horribly and I felt a few tears well up in my eyes as a reaction. I looked up at him and he quickly stuck the tape to my mouth. Please, oh please let me go! I tried to say, but it only came out muffled.

            He looked at me. “What? I can’t understand you.” He mocked me, putting a hand to his ear. I gave him a dirty look, wiggled my arm from under him, and punched him in the stomach. It didn’t even nudge him; all it did was make him extremely pissed. I swear I could see steam come out of his ears.

            He slapped me once again in the same agonizing spot and then grabbed my wrists and taped them together. He moved to my ankles and did the same. I was looking everywhere around me for those three rocks that seemed to have suddenly disappeared. At this point I looked like a squirming worm. He continued on to drag me. I could feel my clothes shredding and my back getting scrapped up as I was pulled against the cold hard ground. Tears came spilling out of my eyes from the pain in my back. I tried to scream out in pain, but nothing was said. I suddenly stopped moving and realized I was at the back of a van, the same van that I saw before. The guy dropped my legs and opened the back doors.

            Someone was lifting up my shoulders off the ground; which I presume was guy #1 after he recovered. Guy #2 picked up my legs and they walked over to the back of the van. I felt hopeless and dazed; I didn’t even have the energy to keep my head lifted up. I remember seeing the sky; it was big and black, with lots of stars. I felt suddenly at peace, but that was until I was thrown into the back of the van. I thumped to the floor in pain. I couldn’t move for a second. After a moment I started fidgeting, trying to fixate myself so that I was leaning up against the wall. I looked at my surroundings. There wasn’t really much. A few blankets here and there, a little first aid kit…a rope. As I examined the van Guy #1 hopped into the back to keep an eye on me, while Guy #2 drove. Guy #2 was listening to music through his headphones; which was so loud that I could even hear it.

            I looked at Guy #1. He was leaning his back against the side of the van, kind of like I was. I was finally getting a closer look at him. His crooked nose was bleeding. He had black hair that hung a little over his blue eyes. He was cleanly shaven and still looked hot even when he was slumped over and bleeding. He was wearing a long sleeve black shirt that showed every tight muscle in his chest and arms. He wore black pants that seemed to fit him perfectly with a black belt, and black sneakers. I was finally realizing how cute he was. He didn’t seem that dangerous. He was more like an innocent puppy. What am I saying?! He kidnapped me for god sake! He’s not an innocent puppy at all!  He grabbed a towel from the behind him and placed it to his nose. He winced as he pressed.

            “Mm, mhm mhm mm.” I muffled. He looked at me. He raised an eyebrow. I looked into his bright, shinning blue eyes. Why did he do this? He could get any girl in the world if he didn’t; even me. His eyebrow was still raised. I tried to talk again. “Mm, mhm mhm mm.” Still nothing came out. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

            The car started to move and he got up and came over to me. He kneeled in front of me and gently pushed my long, brown wavy hair out of my face. He wasn’t just cute; he was actually very handsome. He licked the tip of his finger a little and carefully started to pick up the edge of the tape. He very carefully and slowly peeled it away. I winced a few times and when I did he stopped, took a breath, and started again. I heard his soft breathing as he concentrated on getting the tape off and not hurting me at the same time. He was being very gentle and it made my heart kind of race. The tape was finally off and I picked up my tied hands and wiped at my mouth. I looked at my fingers; they were scraped and bleeding. He moved back to where he was sitting.

            “I’m sorry about your nose.” I said with a pout. I wanted him to be on my good side. Out of the two of them, he was the nicer one.

            “It’s fine.” He said.

            “What’s your name?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at me. His expression read: “What? Do you think I’m that stupid?” He didn’t change his expression. “Never mind.” I said. No one talked. I was trying to think of something to say, so that I could hopefully get him on my side. I couldn’t think of anything and the harder I thought the worse my head hurt. “Ouch.” I winced.

            “What?” He asked.

            “My head hurts.” I closed my eyes and winced again.

            “Oh.” He answered. I could tell he wanted to do something about it, but he knew he couldn’t. I felt something wet, so I looked at my right shoulder and saw blood trickling down. My breath quickened as if I just ran a marathon.

            “Oh my God! It’s bleeding!” I was petrified. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know how bad it actually was.  

            “Here, lemme take a look.” He scooted over to my right side and carefully leaned my body away from the wall so he could get a better look at my head. “Don’t worry, it’s not too bad.” He said. I instantly felt calmer, especially since he was helping me. “It must have happened when you fell.” I scoffed, but only to myself. I didn’t fall, your partner threw me to the ground, remember?” I thought. I rolled my eyes. “I can clean it up.” He said. “I’m a master at nursing.” He kind of bragged. I chuckled a little.

            He reached behind him for first aid kit. It didn’t really have much of anything, but it was better than him not having one. He picked up a disinfecting wipe and cleaned my cut. Then he picked up a hand full of gauze, pressed it to my cut and put pressure on it so it would stop bleeding. He took out the roll of tape and taped the gauze to my head. When he thought it was secure enough he took the little scissors and cut the end. He put the scissors back in the first aid kit and moved it back where he found it. The van took a sudden bump and we both fell; him onto me.

            He braced himself with his arm so he didn’t crush me. I was staring up at him leaning over me. He looked even better up close. He lingered for a moment as if he didn’t want to move, and truthfully I didn’t want him too. I don’t know why I feel this way, but there’s just something about him that’s attracting me. He quickly got off of me and helped me up since I was tied together. He looked to his right to make sure his buddy still couldn’t hear him with his music blasting in his headphones.

            “My name’s Xavier, by the way.” He smiled.

            “Chloe.” I nodded in acquaintance with a smile. Believe it or not Xavier is actually really nice. He isn’t like your typical kidnapper and I’m starting to wonder why he’s doing this in the first place.

            The van was quiet the rest of the ride except for the faint sound of music coming from the headphones of guy #2. The road was kind of bumpy and I heard a few pebbles hit here and there. I was starting to get really tired, but I couldn’t close my eyes. I needed to know what was going on at all times. The van finally stopped and guy #2 got out and opened the back door.

            “Get her shoulders; I’ll get her feet.” He ordered Xavier. He forcefully grabbed at my feet while Xavier gently wrapped his hands under my armpits. They lifted me with ease and carried me out of the van and into the dark night.

            I couldn’t see much in the pitch black, but of what I could see I realized we were somewhere in a forest. There was a little log cabin surrounded by trees. A light was on inside and I heard animals all around.

            They carried me up a gravel path and into the cabin. It was a little chilly inside, but it looked fairly normal. There was a couch, a T.V, a table, a kitchen area and a bathroom. There were even other little accessories such as notebooks, photographs, and coats and sneakers were lying around. What type of criminals are these?  I’ve always imagined criminals to live in unsteady places, nothing clean like this. It was very neat and tidy; I suspect that was the work of Xavier. He seemed to be very together unlike his cruel friend.

                They carried me through the little room and to a door with stairs behind it. It led down to the basement. This place was colder and there was gray cement all around. It was very unwelcoming, unlike upstairs. There was a little dirty, ripped up blanket on the floor. I guess that’s where I’m sleeping. I was set down on the blanket; well kind of dropped by guy #2, but Xavier let me down gently. They walked back up the stairs and shut the door. I was consumed in darkness and wanted to sleep badly. I lay down and closed my eyes trying to calm myself down. After what seemed like forever I finally started to drift away in a blissful sleep.

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