in 1854 a group called ASPP (against supernatural people and powers) burnt all wizards and witches that lived in Scotland. The Fireheart family escaped. ASPP have been looking for them ever since that day, when they finally tract down Lola Fireheart danger begins. But not as dangerous as Lola falls in love with the leader of ASPP's son, Theo.


9. 9

i looked all aroound, all i could see was sand, rocks and a beautiful clear sea. "where are we." i asked Theo.     "we're on a small island off the the coast of sotland," he said. "we got a boat here, you probably wouldn't remember becuse they gave you a drug to knockya out." oh my god! he must of seen the shocked look on my face because he then laughed. "dont worry, it doesn't have any side affects." was he being serious or joking?we walked on in an awkward silence. we then followed the path to the beach and sat on an nearby bench. i then broke the silence as i burst out crying.

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