in 1854 a group called ASPP (against supernatural people and powers) burnt all wizards and witches that lived in Scotland. The Fireheart family escaped. ASPP have been looking for them ever since that day, when they finally tract down Lola Fireheart danger begins. But not as dangerous as Lola falls in love with the leader of ASPP's son, Theo.


5. 5

he put the gun against my head and, and, and.......... "ahhhhhhh!" i woke up screaming. i looked around, i was in a strange room with two doors, one locked and one a bathroom. i could see sunlight coming through a bared window. the man with the grey hair and green eyes came in. "what the hell was that about?" he shouted at me. i looked away from him, "sorry, i had a nightmare." he sighed and sat down on the bed next to me. "lola, my name is david, im the leader of ASPP. we will be doing tests on you tomorrow. in the meantimeyopu may only be in this room. my 15 year old son will be looking after you. and lola, dont even think about trying to escape." he said almost trying to benice, i hated him for that. "wheres my bag?" i asked this sick, cruel man. david looked around. "oh, i'll get my son Theo, to get that to you." he said and then walked out and locked the door. dear god what an idiot. i laid on the bed thinking. just thinking. i dont care what he says i need to escape. and fast.

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