in 1854 a group called ASPP (against supernatural people and powers) burnt all wizards and witches that lived in Scotland. The Fireheart family escaped. ASPP have been looking for them ever since that day, when they finally tract down Lola Fireheart danger begins. But not as dangerous as Lola falls in love with the leader of ASPP's son, Theo.


14. 14

he told me to bring my spell book and we then walked to the lab. it had machines and computers all aroud the edge and a loge wooden talbe in the middle of the room. "lola sit on the table." david said to me. i did as David said and saw him get a big draw out from a desk and he put it on the table beside me, it was full of needles and medicines and papers with my name on them. "i need to take some of your blood." he stabed it in me. my vision went blury and i felt dizzy. "ok, time for part two."

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