in 1854 a group called ASPP (against supernatural people and powers) burnt all wizards and witches that lived in Scotland. The Fireheart family escaped. ASPP have been looking for them ever since that day, when they finally tract down Lola Fireheart danger begins. But not as dangerous as Lola falls in love with the leader of ASPP's son, Theo.


13. 13

the next morning i had a shower in my bethroom next to my "room" or prison cell. i looked in the mirror. i had dark brown hair and  brown eyes. im taller than most people even the boys! i looked around and saw two cupboards and opened one, inside one was just t-shirts and underwear and leggings. another had toilet trees and shower caps end etc. i ot on a plain blue t-shirt and a pair of black leggings. i tried to cheak my phone, but it woouldnt turn on. that was weird, i only charged it two days ago. i turned it around and opened the back. david took out my battery. i put my phone back in my bag and sat on the bed. "lola," david said from the doorway, i didnt even know he was there. "ready for your first test?"

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