in 1854 a group called ASPP (against supernatural people and powers) burnt all wizards and witches that lived in Scotland. The Fireheart family escaped. ASPP have been looking for them ever since that day, when they finally tract down Lola Fireheart danger begins. But not as dangerous as Lola falls in love with the leader of ASPP's son, Theo.


10. 10

"hey whats the matter?" he asked, like he didnt know! i stared at him in disbelief. "whats the matter?! i shouted at him. "ive been kidnapped, held at gun point, i miss my family, im stuck on his island with a bunch of phycos who all want me dead or whatever?" the tears rolled down my face and ge brushed the hair away from my face. "look, i know; trust me when i say this, i dont want you dead, i will do anything to stop them and get you off this island." he was being so nice and toughtful, it had to be a trick. "why...............why would you do that?" i asked him through my tears. "its complicated." he looked down at his watch. "its time we go back."

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