True love at last

About a girl who....just read this.


3. Kendra and Niall's date ;)

Niall's pov

I was so nervous! Tonight was gonna be me and Kendra's first date, and I really hope I don't mess things up. "Niall where are we going for dinner tonight?" Kendra asked as she was looking through her closet to see what to wear. "its a surprise!" I said with a wink. "then how will I know what to wear!?" she whined. I sighed,"Kendra, you would  look perfect in sweat pants and a baggy shirt, just throw something on" i assured her. "oh, that sure help" she said sarcasticly and rolled her. I chuckled and waited for Kendra to finish getting ready. "are you done yet?!" I yelled through the bathroom door. "one second!" she yelled back. And when she walked out of that room she looked.. well goregous would be an understatement!( 

"You ready?!" she asked very excited "Yep!" I said popping the 'p'.

Kendra's pov

To be honest with you I was very scared of me and Niall's date. I mean, what if i accidently sneeze on him?!? or worse! I FART!

OMC (oh my carrots) I hope all goes well.

As we got into the car he turned on the radio. Ironicly 'Live While Your Young' came. I screamed and started singing and dancing like a crazy lady in my seat. It must've been really bad because by the time I looked up Niall was crying from all his laughter! Omc.. was I embarrsed! "Hey!, don't laugh at me!" I whined. "Okay...I-I'm ... s-s-s-sorry!" he said in between laugh. I just playfully rolled my eyes and looked out the window. For some reason I always loved looking at the stars at night time. Brings back so many memories. "Really? why?" Niall asked. oops, must've said that outloud. "well.." I started. "It just reminds me of my family, my past.." He just nodded okay, probably thinking it was a touchy subject.. which it was.

Niall's pov

I didn't wanna ask any further questions about her past and what not, so I decided to ask her simple, light questios. "So, Kendra"yea?" she replied now looking at me. "What's your favortie things to do?" "Umm, well I'm usaully out with Sammie alot, so I guess hangin' with her" she shrugged. "Well, tell me about yourself, like everything!" I said in a valley girl voice making her laugh. "well.. i LOVE the color pink, besides One Direction I love Conor Maynard. I also do cheerleading and gymnastics. Uhhhh... my fave food is cereal i guess. And I like going shopping and too the movies. When I was 10 my mom and little brother died in a car accident and the only person there to help me through it was Sammi because after the incedent, it was like my dad had totally given up on life. He never once had a smile in his face. He would go out at night and get drunk.." By this time I was almost bawling out crying. "He, would always abuse me but I wore long clothing to hide it. That's why me and Sammi are so close. Because I was always hanging out with her at school or after school at the park". I dared not to look into his eyes. The last thing I need is pity...

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