True love at last

About a girl who....just read this.


8. Chapter 8

Sammi's POV

When our lips touched, I just couldnt control the corner of my eye I saw Zayn trying to make his way over to me, but Louis was holding him back. Our lips moved in sync, as he picked me up and sat me on his lap. I felt more than what I did for Zayn. Then I remembered...I was Zayn's girlfriend. I pulled away feeling guilty for what I just did, then ran into my room.

"Why did I just kiss Liam? Zayn's best friend...why?" I asked myself as I heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked, there was no answer but then the door opened and before my eyes I saw Zayn and Liam...oh great.


Liam's POV

I had no idea that Sammi and Zayn were together until he pounded it in my head that she was taken...but not for long. Me and Zayn then walked into her room, to find her on her bed with tears streaming down her face.

"Im so sorry Sammi..." I said as I rushed to her side, followed by Zayn.

"What should you be sorry for? I kissed you...I choked on the carrot...I had you give me CPR...I had you get yelled at by Zayn...I had...fallen in love with you." she said, as tears poured down her face. Does she really mean that? That she fallen in love with me?

"Sammi..." me and Zayn both said as we embraced her into our arms.

"Its all my fault...I have fallen hard for both of you...and now im the cause of this right now. Im the cause of-" she kept on rambling on and on, but I crashed my lips onto hers.

"Sammi, this isnt working would be better off friends..." Zayn said as he walked out of the room leaving me and Sam to have some "alone time"...haha.


Sammi's POV

Me and Liam had our "alone time", and after that they had to leave, leaving me, Niall, and Kendra alone.

"Sammi...he loves you he really does...he knows that he has to let you make the stupid ass decisions, then thats when he will help you patch them up. Sam, Zayn loves you." Niall lectured me. I had no idea...but hell ya I have to make the 'stupid ass decisions' then I will hopefully learn from them if not then im offence, to those who are.


Zayn's POV

And now is my chance to make Sammi jealous...

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