True love at last

About a girl who....just read this.


7. Chapter 7 - authors note

Sam's POV

Ugh this is so complicated! I mean you try to do a back-bend in front of 5 guys and your bestest friend, while having a carrot in your mouth...trying not to choke. I slowly started to bend my body backwards as I could feel Zayn's eyes on me at all times...more like at my "chest" haha...but ya its weird when you are wearing a purple tank top, blue shorts that go up to your finger tips...and really slippery neon green socks. Ugh, its just so hard.

"Sam, you can do this!" I heard Harry cheer me on...on the other hand I heard Niall tell Zayn 'stop being a pervert'...which caused me to laugh and choke on the carrot, loosing balance I fell on my back, choking uncontroalably. The last thing I saw was a mirrior fighting a carrot...what is that supposed to mean?!


Zayn's POV

She started to choke uncontrolably...I tried to run up to her, but what happens? Louis holds me back, telling me to stay. I tried to fight back, but it was no use...thats when I saw what I saw.

I saw Liam giving Sam CPR...


Liam's POV

I had to give Sam CPR, since I was the only one who knew...Niall knew that when I laid eyes on her, thats when I knew we were meant to be. I held her hand trying to check her pulse...she still had pulse...her hand fits in mine like its meant to be...suddenly her eyes fluttered open...when she sat up, thats when our lips met...


**********AUTHORS NOTE: Im sorry I havent updated soon enough, im going through so much. Its just so stressful. I mean, imagine someone that means so much leave your life for like 7 years...then coming back begging you to stay in your life...then when you say no, they sit there and say its your fault and not mine, I gave you a chance. Its more like you leaving my life was your fault not mine. Sorry I put this on u guys its just so stressful. xx Sammi <3***********

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