True love at last

About a girl who....just read this.


6. chapter 6

I swear I'm gonna kill Sammi for letting thut em in. But I guess it's for the best right? I heard the door creak open and a head pop in. "Hey Kendra.." Niall said. "Look I'm soory for making you cry, I didn't mean to" I cut him off. "Niall its okay I know you didn't know" "Kendra can you atleast tell us what happened.. your past?" Harry asked. I looked at Sammi with the 'do I have too' face. She shook he head yes so I sighed. here we go.. 


A/N ok so since im lazy and stuff i'm just gonna tell you what happens so we can skip it because I had to write this chapter 4 times but It keeps getting deleted so im gonna skip the big part and just tell you sorry :/

but what happen was kendra and sammi was walking back to kendras house from the park and kendras dad told sammi to go home and kendra asked her dad what happened and blah blah... and he said her brother and mother died in a car crash and her dad basiclly started getting drunk every night and kendra had to like provide for herself and stuff :)


When I finished they all just sat there and stared at me. What did I do? "Why are you guys staring at me at like that?"  "Kendra.. I'm so sorry that happened.." Liam said "No its okay, but I dont want your pity okay?" He nodded and they all left my room except for Sammi. "I'm glad you did that Kendra, You really needed to talk about it" then she smiled and walked away downstairs to where the boys were.

Sammi's POV

Im glad she did that. But I'm just worried for her, she's so fragile and I don't won't Niall to hurt her. I mean, I know I can trust him, its just when they go public about them dating, all the hate she would get would just break her.


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