True love at last

About a girl who....just read this.


4. Chapter 4

Liam's POV
Right now we are in the middle of playing truth or should have saw us earlier, we were running around to random old peoples houses and asking them for a pair of underwear to use since we "split ours" and they gave them to us.
"Zayn truth or dare?" Harry asked.
"Dare" Zayn responded....oh this cant be good.
"I dare you to make out with Sam for 5 minutes straight." He replied smiling deviously. Told ya that it cant be good.
"Do you agree Sam?" Zayn asked making sure that it was alright.
"I guess its a its not like you re a random old person." Sam replied, seconds after she was bombarded with a kiss from Zayn...oh spoons my eyes!

Zayn's POV
Oh my gosh this is the best moment of my life! I was still kissing Sam when the door slammed open and kendra came stomping upstairs. Sam released the kiss and stood up.
"Whats going on Niall?!" Sam exclaimed
"I asked her about her family...." He mumbled while looking at the ground.
"Whats up with her family?" I asked confused and suddenly interested.
"Her mum and brother died in a car accident and her dad well he couldnt take it so he just left his problems." Sam responded then went upstairs.

Sam's POV
I cant believe that Niall asked her about her family.
"Kendra its alright." I said while hugging her. Im not really a huggy person but when someone needs it im there for them.
"No its not, I already cried in front of him and it made me feel like the worst person in the world." She responded.
"Hey they all understand that its not the best subject to talk about." I said while wipping her tears away.
"Thanks for telling them." She replied just as there were several knocks on the door.
"Dont let them come in" she said.
"COME IN!" I yelled, as kendra gave me the 'im going to kill you look'.
Just then everybody came walking in.
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