True love at last

About a girl who....just read this.


1. author's note and first chapter

hey my peoples.. I just wanted to say that this book is based off of me and sammi the authors..sooo yea. And here's the first chapter!! Oh and sammi if you don't like the first chapter than you can change it! :)


hi! my name is Kendra. Kendra Hayden and my best friend is Sammi lila And we have been besties since kindergarten! We do everything together. Today I am going to her house she said she had something important to tell me. But its weird because she like never lets me over her house .. well unless her brother isn't home. But oh well I guess Im gonna find out.


When I got to her house I just walked inside because we're so close.

She saw and she looked a bit..scared? I don't know but I hope everything is okay because I'm starting to get worried. She sits me on the couch and starts talking. "So Kendra, um I have some very big news to tell you so.. don't freak and get over whelmed, okay?" I just nodded my head because I wasn't sure what was gonna happen next. "Okay, but first, I'm gonna have to put duck tape on your mouth because I know your gonna scream" What? scream about what... this is scary.. shit about to go now! "Boys, you can come out now!" I heard sammi say shakily. "kendra, this is my brother..." but before she could finish i passed out.


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