COMPETITION ENTRY for the deleted scene in Boy Meets Girl

Intriguing continuation..


1. COMPETITION ENTRY the deleted chapter Boy Meets Girl

I walked towards the dining room, my heart beat fastening in anticipation of seeing Joe again.  I glanced back to Ash but she was already heavily flirting with Will.  I could hear the sound of the Indie beat coming from the dining room and took a sip of courage from the glass in my hand.  I walked through the open brick doorway stepping over the people sitting on huge fluffy cushions on the floor.  Some smoking, some drinking, some kissing.  The room was crowded and hot.  Some people were bumping and grinding on the parke flooring makeshift dance floor in a huge space next to the dining table.  Then it was as if the whole room had paused for a moment as I made eye contact with the love of my life, Joe.  It was ages since I had seen him.  He was chilling by himself watching the dancers having fun.   In his hand was a huge glass of coke.  He rarely drank Vodka or alcohol at all, being an avid sportsman.  I had butterflies in my tummy as I made my way over to him.  Before I reached the other side of the room, he looked up and right into my eyes.  I melted.  Despite the drunken, hot, steamy chaos around us he stood up straight away and came up to me and held me, so tenderly.  Without saying a word we kissed.  It was gentle yet horny.  I love being in love with Joe.  

In the other room little did I know but things had moved quickly forward with Ash and Will.  Not long after I had left them alone, Will had poured Ash another Vodka and another, and another.  They had talked, Ash told me the next day, all about Will's sideline business he had run while at Brighton University, whilst telling no-one.  A "high class"so he called it escort agency.  So that's where Will had made all that extra money he had flashed around during their studies.  All those lavish parties he use to throw in the Sugars nightclub with the Jacuzzis and champagne.  Will and his friend Mark were known in Brighton party circuits.  Will had convinced Ash she could be rich.  She had expensive eyes and may never have to work again.  Ash told me he had taken her upstairs and handed her £300.  She had put it in her bag and returned to him.

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