I'll be there for you (one direction novel)

Fay is a girl that in her life is an out cast.
She is stuck with her step dad that abuses her the only
Friend she has is Maddie that knows everything and are very close
To eachother. Fay escapes with maddie to england but her dad is not done yet Fay is having a god time with Maddie until
One day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and they become
Great friends. But what happens when one day her step dad comes back along with Louis's crazy ex.....


10. Telling them

Fay's POV. I got home with Maddie and sat on the coach. "Hey wanna watch a movie"? Maddie asked. "Sure lets get our pjs on"! I replyed walking to my bedroom. I walked in and went to get some pjs. I got a overly sized shirt and some shorts and when I was walking out the dot my phone beeped. I looked at it and it was from.... Sexy tommo bear? I opened it and it read, " hi Fay it's Louis want you and Maddie to come over tomorrow for movie?" Ok then... I replyed "sure give me ThE address in the mornin!" And walked over to Maddie and she was in her pjs too. "Finally now let's start the movie!" "Ok what movie"? I asked "THE AVENGERS!" She screamed obviously excited. "Ok start thus movie my brotheren!" I said jokingly as I sat in the fluffy sofa. "Yes my fair madden"! She replyed will playing the movie. Oh how I loved this.
Louis POV I reallyl like Fay but should I tell the boys? Ughh u will I guess. I walked over to the boys (we were at home) "guys I need to tell you something" I said nervously. "What is it Lou" zayn said. " I-I-I" "spit it out mate" zayn said. "I like Fay."! I said. They all smiled except for Harry. Uh oh. " but mate I like her too"! Harry stated. " well if she even likes is she will pick" I said hopefully. "Ok it's getting late we should go to bed mates" Liam said being the “daddy direction“ guy." Ok night guys" I said walking to my room. "Night" they all choresd. And I plopped on my bed. I then fell asleep but then a big knock was at my door. "Hello" I mumbled through my pillows " hi it's Niall can we talk I need some help" he asked. I got up and opened the door. "Sure Niall what's up?" I asked "we'll I remember you telling us about that girl that was your best friend until you she went to America and you never saw each other again?" "Ya what about it?" I asked " we'll when you showed us pics of her she kinda looks like Fay.." He said. Wait can it be my best friend is here now? " oh uh ok thanks for the fact but I will see" I said to Niall. "Ok night Louis" he said walking out the door "night " I. Said and closed the door. Just then I had a flash back.
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