I'll be there for you (one direction novel)

Fay is a girl that in her life is an out cast.
She is stuck with her step dad that abuses her the only
Friend she has is Maddie that knows everything and are very close
To eachother. Fay escapes with maddie to england but her dad is not done yet Fay is having a god time with Maddie until
One day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and they become
Great friends. But what happens when one day her step dad comes back along with Louis's crazy ex.....


13. Pool and competition

Louis POV. We all took a chair and me and the boys where getting our shirts off. Fay was staring at my abs so I just looked down and blushed. "Oh umm sorry" she said . "No it's really ok I know you can't Handle this" i said jokingly. She just giggled and went through her bag. I saw Maddie did the same as Fay but only to Niall and he did the same as me. Then the girls took of there dresses and showed there bikinis. All of the boys were staring until Maddie coughed to get our attention and we all looked down and blushed. Also did Fay and Maddie. "I know you can't handle this" Maddie said mocking me. "Ok well how about we go in the pool!" Harry said. "Ok let's all jump in at the same time when I count to three!" Niall suggested. We all got to ThE edge of the pool. "Okay one .. Two Three !" Niall said and we all jumped in. We all came to the surface and was laghing. ThIS is going to be a good day.. Fay POV I went over by Maddie and we were all swimming. I got out for a second until I felt Stroung arms around my body. "Who is it" the person said trying to sound like a girl. "Oh I don't know .. L- I was cut of by him throwing me into the pool! I came up to the surface. "Louis"! I shouted. "Sorry" he said putting his hands up in defense, just the someone grabed me from under the water and. Pulled me down. I opened my eyes to see Harry. He was smirking and then started to tickle me under water. I was laghing like crazy and almost hit him in the face cause I was swirming so much. I got up to the surface to get my breath. Then i felt someone else come up to me and pull me under water and started swimming me to the end of the pool. We swam to the surface and I looked into grayish blue eyes that you Can easily get lost into. "Louis what are you doing"? I asked him. "Come up here" he said pointing to get out. I did as commanded and then I asked "what now"? He then picked me up and went to the edge of the diving board. "Louis what are y- I was cut of by him jumping off the diving board with me. I felt the water hit my skin and I opened my eyes under water to see him looking at me. Just then before I knew it we both leaned in and kissed each other. Sparks were flying like crazy and I swear butter flys was literally in my stomach! Then we got interrupted by Harry! He came through us like it did not even matter. He was really mad when he turned to us. We just didn't know what to do. Then Harry went up to me and kissed me too. Sparks were flying too but not as much as Louis. Louis on the other hand looked furious. Before I even did anything I swam to the set face to get air. I hoped out of The pool and sat on the chair with a towel around me. What was I going to do now?
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