I'll be there for you (one direction novel)

Fay is a girl that in her life is an out cast.
She is stuck with her step dad that abuses her the only
Friend she has is Maddie that knows everything and are very close
To eachother. Fay escapes with maddie to england but her dad is not done yet Fay is having a god time with Maddie until
One day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and they become
Great friends. But what happens when one day her step dad comes back along with Louis's crazy ex.....


3. Plane ride scary and hotel

Fay's POV
We were sitting in our seats while we heard over the speaker "plane 23 to England boarding" me and Maddie jumped up and grabbed our things and. Startied boarding our plane. This is going to be so fun!! Maddie exclaimed. Ya I know I have always wanted to see London! I said back a little too loud so some people where staring. Me and Maddie luckily got seats next to rack other. Some of the ride I was listening to Cher Lloyd and little mix ect. Then i fell asleep.
3 hours later. Fay's POV
I wake up to someone shaking me and saying "Fay Fay wake up" I opened my eyes and looked up to see a full awake Maddie staring at me. "We're here " she said excitedly. We got up and grabed our things and was about to get of the plane when suddenly it was shiffting towards the sky. Everyone was screaming and all fell down then the plane was moveing forward then halted. It went back to the ground and everyone was very frustrated. "Sorry passengers there was a problem here but you can all leave" the man over the speakers said. Everyone was stil
Mad but whatever we got of and we were searching for a taxi. "Wow that was scary " Maddie said . "Ya I hate planes now" I said then I saw a taxi coming by. " taxi taxi" I screamed with my hand waving in the air. It halted and we hopped in. We were silent the whole ride until we stopped at a huge building. "Hear you lady's are" the taxi driver said with a British accent. "Thank you" I said while handing him the money and we hopped out. We walked into our building and it was amazing, a white desk that was huge to check in at, a big water doubting in the middle, a big eating/bar on the left, a hall way to a huge pool and hot tube,and when you look up you see hundreds of rooms." Woah" is all Maddie could say, "ya this place is HUGE" I said with emotion. We went up to the desk were there was a tall lady with bright green eyes, blonde hair and glasses . "Hello what would you lady's like?!" She said in a high pitches vouice . Ow thy hurt my ears . "Umm yes we would like a room under Calvert" Maddie stated. "Yes room 235 B thanks for coming hears your key"! She said in high pich handing us a goldin key. "Thank you" I said and took the key and walked into our elevator that was all glass so you could see through. We were the only ones in the elevator and I pressed button 6 and we were off. " that's girl had a really high pitched vouice!" Maddie said " oh ya haha" I said then the elevator stopped and the doors opened and we walked out and down our hallway. "What room are we?" Maddie asked. " 235 B" I said and we stopped at our door. With in golden numbers said 235 B. I wonder what it would look like...
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