I'll be there for you (one direction novel)

Fay is a girl that in her life is an out cast.
She is stuck with her step dad that abuses her the only
Friend she has is Maddie that knows everything and are very close
To eachother. Fay escapes with maddie to england but her dad is not done yet Fay is having a god time with Maddie until
One day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and they become
Great friends. But what happens when one day her step dad comes back along with Louis's crazy ex.....


6. Mornin

Maddies POV I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs."FAYYY I SMELL YUM YUMMSS" I said as I climb out of bed and brush my hair. " YA I MADE BREAKFAST AND AT 12:00 WE ARE GOING TO STARBUCKS!" She shouted from the kitchen. It was 9:00 ok enough time. I was finished brushing my hair and u didn't know why u even did cause I had to take a shower. I got into the bathroom and took off all my clothes and stepped into the warm shower. It felt now against my cold skin. After my shower I dryed off and put my hair it the towel hat thing. I was brushing my hair when I heard a crash from downstairs . " FAYY WHAT DID YOU DO"! I yelled. UH WE'LL I MIGHT HAVE BROKEN UH.. FIVE PLATES SORRY" she said . Gosh she has to break everything I own. She even broke my phone once I mean really! I was done with my hair so I put on mascara,blue eye shadow,eyeliner, and foundation. I wrapped a white towel around me and stepped out of the foggy bathroom into the fresh air of my room. I got to my closet and picked out red skinny jeans, whit ruffled top with showing a shoulder,TOMS, and a neckace that said LOVE , and got my clothes on. I walked downstairs where Fay was eating her bacon and eggs "hey" she said . "Hi"I said and slipped in the chair that had my plate on it. Fay was wearing blue jeans, pink top that was strapless and said” LOVE” on it, TOMS ,and her necklace that had her moms picture in it. I felt treacly bad for her she been through very tough times.when we were done eating we put the dishes away and it was 11:50. "Wanna go to Starbucks now?" Fay asked . "Sure" I said and grabbed my keys and we headed out the door. As I got to my car and we hopped in. I started the engine and turned on the radio. One direction “what makes you beautiful" came on I think . That's the only song I know and I never really payed attention but I think I know there names and what they looked like. I turned the channel to another station because we like singing to songs but we don't know that one. I turned on Cher Lloyd and me and Fay started singing "I want you want you want you want you back ugh!!" And we sang the whole ride.
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