I'll be there for you (one direction novel)

Fay is a girl that in her life is an out cast.
She is stuck with her step dad that abuses her the only
Friend she has is Maddie that knows everything and are very close
To eachother. Fay escapes with maddie to england but her dad is not done yet Fay is having a god time with Maddie until
One day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and they become
Great friends. But what happens when one day her step dad comes back along with Louis's crazy ex.....


8. Feelings and bananna girl

Louis POV I really like Fay an I am falling for her..hard. We were walking out when all of a sudden a girl in a bananna costume came up and pushed over Fay. Wow problems. She started punching and kicking and then Fay yelled "WHAT THE HELL"! Me and the boys tugged the girl off. But, she was still kicking and screaming "BITCH DIE BITCH!" Her face was covered so I did not see who she was but her voice was some what. Familleir. I was really angry for what she did too Fay SGE was crying on the cement while maddie was at least tried to comfort her. "WHAT THE HELL"! I nearly screamed in her face."LOUIS MY CARROT DO NOT GO NEAR THAT SLUTTY BITCH!" She yelled pointing to Fay. Before I could reply I punched her in the face but not that hard I mean she was a lady. "Oww baby that hurt" she said grinning. "I AM NOT YOUR FREAKING BABY BITCH!" I said with a hole lot of emotion if you aske me. "THEN FINE YOU WILL PAY SLUT"! She screamed walking over to Fay and pulled out a knife. HOLY CRAP! Fay looked so scared poor gal. Before that crazy girl can hit her with a knife I tackled her to the ground. "BITCH STOP" I yelled punching her face. "CALL THE COPS"! I shouted to the boys while I held her down. Harry pulled out his phone and called the cops. "Ya a really crazy girl tryed to kill my friend get her now please ya thanks"! Then he hung up. A minute later the cops showed up and jumps out of the car. They took her away in the police car. As they were leaving the girl took off her costume and I was shocked to see who it was....
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