Illuminate. Inspire.

Literally wrote this about ten minutes ago, so very spur of the moment. I really like the more raw stuff, that just arrives and is sent out into the world without much thought. It seems more real, in a way. So I hope you like it!


1. Illuminate. Inspire.


Something happened, once.

And I do believe

That it must have felt important at the time,

But in the embrace of years gone by

The main event has faded,


From my mind.

Made small under the weight

Of moments so much greater since passed.


But, as I said,

I do believe

That it must have felt important at the time.


Because I cried.

That, I remember.


Light fractured around me,

Shattered fragments made too bright

Through the cloudburst caught in my eyes.

Air seemed coarser,

Hurting, catching, snagging

On spikes of emotion as it stumbled through me,

Challenging every breath,

Fighting inspiration.


And it must have worked,

For I couldn't think,

Couldn't imagine,

Couldn't conceive of anything other than crying.




I realised.

I realised that with each breath,

Each sob, each streak down my face,

Some kind of pain was leaving me,

Leaking away, dissolved in my tears.

So by the end I was hollow, empty.

And light was unbroken, and I was light, shining, glowing, weightless.

And the air was gentle, flowing in to clear my mind.

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