authority basis

Irony or just a lack of bad parenting. Our generation is at the peaking point and there's nothing we can do.


1. Others deciding our authority;permanently? -short rant

Others deciding our authority;permanently?

 Why is it that our existence itself is being decided by others ,our authority standards should just be made my ourselves only. Isn't it flabbergasting that our peers are the ones to let us know where we stand in life ,eternity is solved for us by the people we wish would frankly disappear and only return when they have removed their  odor of cannabis ,tobacco and potable ethanol. Please don't mistake that for a terrible stereotype ,just come see what my school peers define 'friday nights' as. The more creative but bland ones i like to call my friends ,decide not to get involved in the process of growing up too fast ,why not just relax and have your own fun ,not under the influence of anything. If you're really desperate to fit in you can always go down to your nearest Macdonalds on a friday night and follow the crowd. In the words of a wise man named Tupac that's just the way it is and life goes on.

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