Long Road To Ruin

He kills them all without remorse, but very much with reason.


12. Options

Jasper’s eyes flickered above them at Justine and he sighed. She was still alive, because she was muttering to herself in a harsh, scolding manner. He chuckled softly to himself and glanced back at Samuel who held a gun – it was in his hand and he was deciding what to do with it.

“Are you having a problem there?” Skeet asked. He hadn’t spoken much. “You have three options: shoot yourself, Jasper, or Justine.”

Sam’s head snapped up, his eyes hard, flat. He truly looked mad now. “Or,” he whispered softly, dangerously, psychotically, “I could shoot you right in the fucking head if you don’t shut the fuck up, Detective.”



“My name is Kevin Skeeter,” he said quietly. “I suppose given the situation we need to be introduced. I know all about you, Mr. Hale, even before Jasper called me. It seems you had a little run in with the law in my town, too. But really that doesn’t matter now does it? You got that all cleared up. Presently we seem to have a bigger problem at hand. So, this was all about revenge, because you were jealous of what Jasper had and you wanted to make Justine pay for double crossing you, am I right? Yes, that’ll hold up in court nicely, I think.” He said, rolling his eyes. “I’ve seen worse shit than this, man, so don’t think all this crap is scaring me.”

“I’ll kill her,” he muttered.

“You won’t,” Skeet said taking a step forward. “She’s too much a part of your world for you to do anything so drastic to her. Besides, you know if you do that Jasper would blow your brains out without a second thought.”

Sam chuckled arrogantly. “He doesn’t have the guts to kill a fellow cop, Mr. Skeeter.”

“A cop shoots anyone he thinks it is necessary to shoot. Even though you, too, are a cop, Mr. Hale, I know Jasper won’t hesitant to hurt you for hurting the one he loves.” Skeet said.

A shot rang into the air.

Jasper was staring at Samuel with a horrible gleam in his eyes, the gun gripped tightly in his hands, lips curled nastily. “Who said I wouldn’t shoot?” he whispered. “Do not underestimate me again.”

“What the hell was that?” Justine shouted.

Just as she had spoken, the machine started again, this time dropping her straight into Jasper’s arms. The gun fell to the floor with a clatter as he caught her. He set her down and blinked.

The gun was gone.

“Do not underestimate me, Jasper,” said Sam coolly. He had both guns in his hands now. His smirk sent a shiver down Justine’s spine as she stared at him. “You want to play another game? Let’s see how long your boyfriend can stand the pain before he bleeds to death. That’ll be fun, won’t it?”

“No,” said Justine flatly. “Give me the gun, Hale.”

He smiled at her.

“Give me the fucking gun,” she hissed.

Another shot rang out.

Justine titled her head and looked at the bullet lodged in one of the crates near her and Jasper. “You want to shoot him? You’re going to have to shoot me first, Sam.”

His lip twitched at her words and he raised the gun slightly. “I don’t want to kill you.”

No one moved a muscle as he turned the gun on himself.

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