Harper was brought into a life she didn't ask for (aren't we all?). She's got a dark side that she suppresses as much as she can. She thinks she's finally free from that of her maker but when Serena shows up, Harper knows she's not leaving without taking something with her. It just so happens that Harper's boyfriend has become a bargaining chip.


3. Silenced


Getting home was a blur and by the time I was in my tiny, drab apartment, I couldn’t remember how I even got there. Opening the closet door, I nearly ripped it off the hinges without meaning to. The amount of shoes I had to dig through just to reach the loose plank and pull it up was ridiculous. If I had time, I would’ve cared. Biting my lip, I leaned down and reached inside the vacant area feeling around for Serena’s box.

            It was small, wooden, and fit in the palm of my hand. The night I had stolen it, I vowed I’d never give it back to Serena. When things weren’t executed precisely the way she wanted, she’d torment us with the box saying it would swallow our voices causing our bodies to dissolve from the inside out. That theory would be tested soon enough.

I trudged down the wet street again this time on a mission. Pictures of the night I died flashed through my mind like someone was taking Polaroid pictures, snapping one after the other.

The night she had found me was still clear in my mind despite the passing of twenty years. I was lying in shallow water after falling drunkenly from a small bridge. I hadn’t wanted to die. I was a stupid kid having fun with my friends.

I was numb from the fall, probably fractured my spine, but I could hear her cool voice, I understood the promises she made. A life without pain or death. I thought I had been given another chance but Serena gave me a curse.

Within months, I had learned that when an immortal offered you a chance at becoming one of them, it’s ideal to check out the fine print before signing a binding agreement. Because I had made an oath to be a Siren without realizing it. My songs lured humans to their death and that’s the single way I could continue with my immortal life. At least that’s what I’d been told.

Singing in the band was my loop hole. Instead of focusing in on one person, I was able to take a limited amount of energy from a crowd. It left them a little groggy but they were alive.

A perk of being a Siren was that I could teleport to any place I wanted so long as I could see it in my mind. Normally, I enjoyed stretching my legs during a walk. Immortality had a way of making seconds seem like years, but Cassidy didn’t have the time to spare. With Serena’s box in my hand, there were few steps left before I was at the scene of my death.

Ankle deep in water, I found myself alone. Everything was the same as that night. The embankments on either side of the creek were crowded with trees. The only thing missing was my body, the only evidence that I’d been there.

I clenched the box tight in my hand. “Serena!”

Like a mirage, she showed herself right away. Aria and Cadence walked up behind her, Cassidy between the two. For someone who was surrounded by coldblooded killers, my boyfriend was oddly at ease. He must have figured I had something planned. I did, but he wasn’t going to like the outcome.

“I gave you a chance at another life and you threw it away,” Serena said. “Give me the box.”

“Let him go first,” I demanded.

“No!” Cassidy tried to break free but Cadence and Aria held him back. “It’s not worth giving it to her, Harper.”

Serena smacked his face with the back of her hand. The action set my talons free from my fingers; it was my body’s immediate reaction. Seeing me as a threat, the other Siren’s crouched down exposing their razor sharp claws.

Serena stood there amused. “You really want to do this?”

I laughed. “Does it look like I’m bluffing?”

She answered me by lunging full force in my direction. I pulled away but not before Serena managed to dig her serrated claws into my arm. I was immune to the poison secreted from the talons but the laceration still hurt like hell.

Her power was beyond what I could ever be but seeing Cassidy gave me the strength I needed to fight. No one ever looked at me like that, not even when I was human. I spun around extending my hand up and then slashed down across her face. She dropped to her knees in the freezing water. Serena then glared up at me, her fresh wound dripping with blood.

From the time that I was little, I always feared I was going to drown. Not in water, but in life. Like, there was this abyss that would suck me down. But it was when Serena had turned me immortal that I’d succumbed to that darkness. And it was because of Serena that I no longer feared what I couldn’t see.

In clear view, I held up the box. “I’m not afraid of death anymore. It’s got to be better than belonging to you.”

Cassidy’s eyes went wide before any of the Sirens figured out what I was going to do. I brought the box back down and opened it. Serena reached forward but it was no use, once the seal was broken there was nothing anyone could do.

My boyfriend fled to my side holding me as gravity took over and my body dropped against the gritty bank.

“Why did you do that,” he yelled.

I couldn’t respond. My head fell to the side and I witnessed the others clutching their throats. Just as Serena warned, the box took our voices and our lives along with them. Serena was the last of the three to go. Her glare was no longer filled with hatred but betrayal. And with the blink of an eye, all that remained of my maker was ashes floating atop the calm water.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Cassidy’s eyes were pleading as he stroked my hair. “What am I going to do without you?”

I couldn’t respond. As much as I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and I just wanted him to be safe, I had no voice to do so. But in his eyes, I knew he could tell how I felt about him.

Starting at my toes, I felt weightless and I knew I would never see Cassidy’s face again. I stared into his green eyes until I could no longer see anything at all.

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