Harper was brought into a life she didn't ask for (aren't we all?). She's got a dark side that she suppresses as much as she can. She thinks she's finally free from that of her maker but when Serena shows up, Harper knows she's not leaving without taking something with her. It just so happens that Harper's boyfriend has become a bargaining chip.


2. He's Gone


Her golden hair bounced as she laughed. Her cronies, Cadence and Aria stood behind her without so much as blinking.

“What am I doing here,” she hissed. The faux amusement left her face. “What do you think I’m doing here?”

I knew exactly why she hunted me down. I’d taken the one thing from her that she needed most in the world. For years, Serena had me under her control. Like the others, I feared her despite my immortality because she had something that could take it all away.

Serena’s voice broke through my thoughts. “I want the box back.”

I could have played dumb, but it wasn’t worth it. She and I both knew I had the box she used to threaten her “children” with to keep them from straying.

“No.” I stared at her calmly and stood my ground. “You can’t control me anymore.”

Serena closed in on me. Her face inches from mine. “You’re nowhere near as strong as I am. Not with the petty amount of filth you’ve been feeding on.”

She was right. There were a lot of people in the bar, but I took little energy from them and I was nowhere near my full potential as a Siren.

“You’re not getting that box.”

I started to walk back inside when something Serena said stopped me.

“I’ll kill him.”

My nostrils flared and my fingers tingled. I could feel the talon like claws underneath my flawless skin eager to be freed.

Serena knew she hit a nerve and kept pushing. “I will sing him the sweetest song and remove his flesh piece by piece as he falls madly in love with me.”

“If I give it back to you, you leave my life forever?”

            My maker nodded her head, but I knew better than to trust her. I’d have to open the box and doing so Serena would not be the only one to perish. It would destroy whatever Sirens were there.

But it was worth it to keep Cassidy safe.

            Serena pulled away from me satisfied. “I’ll see you in one hour.”

            “Where,” I asked.

            “You know where.”

            The Sirens walked away from me, disappearing into the darkness as if they had been swallowed by the night. My heart raced as I sped back into the bar. I needed to make sure Cassidy was safe. Except I found the kitchen empty.


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