Wait, What?

Liam isn't acting normal... is something up or are our minds just playing tricks on us?


4. Secrets


  Brooke’s POV

I waited in Haylie’s bedroom while she showered. We were going to meet up with everyone at the café. Her phone started vibrating. I picked it up and read the text, from Harry.

 “I miss you so much, can’t wait to see you tonight xx I love you!”

“Wait… WHAT?” I said.

  I heard the shower turn off. I threw her phone back where it was and tried to act casual. She came in as I was chewing my hair and gave me a weird look.

   “I need to change, you shall leave.” She said.

 “Um… you got a text from Harry.” I said.

She froze but eventually turned to me.

“What… what did he say?” she asked.

 “Miss you and love you.” I whispered.

    She stood there and didn’t say anything.

  “Are you two dating?” I asked.

“We…” she sighed, “Yeah. We promised not to tell anyone though, so you can’t tell anyone!”

   I covered my mouth.

 “You and Harry? Oh dear lord.” I said.

 “I know. I’ll explain on our way there. But now I need to change so get out!” she laughed.

 I stepped into the hallway and closed the door.

“Haylie and Harry?” I whispered to myself.

She opened the door and smiled at me. I pulled the most fake smile I’ve ever made in my life. We walked out to her car and I sat in shot-gun. I was silent as I buckled and waited for her to explain.

   “Basically, I love him and he loves me. We didn’t tell you guys because after watching Friends we knew if this ended badly you guys might have to take sides and we wouldn’t want you to do that.” She explained.

 “That’s not fair, you know I love Friends, you can’t use references!” I said.

    “But do you understand?” she asked.

 I crossed my arms, “Yeah.”

“Good! Don’t tell anyone please!”

    We drove to the café and I got a head start in while Haylie found a place to park. I walked in and immediately noticed Louis. So basically, I am madly in love with him and very awkward around him.

  I went to walk back out when he yelled, “Hey Brooke!”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. As I spun around and opened my eyes and smiled at him. I walked over to his table.

  “H-hey!” I stuttered.

“Who are you here with?” he asked.

“Um, uh, Haylie.” I said.

  “Cool! Want to sit with me until she comes?” he asked.

 “No, I’m fine.” I said, smiling.

I turned back around to walk about but realized I’m an idiot. I turned back to him, “Actually… sitting here and waiting for her would be perfection!”

   I sat down and turned away from him for a second. I’ve seen Friends too many times, now I'm quoting Chandler’s awkwardness. I turned back around and smiled.

 “So is Charity okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, she slept over Kennedy’s last night! She’s still kind of scared to see Liam but… I think she’ll be fine. We all have those days, right?” I laughed.

  He looked nervous.

 “Are you okay?”

“Well… Liam’s been acting like that all day today aswell.” He said.

   “Do you think he… is possessed or something?” I asked.

 “You need to stop having Supernatural Saturdays’ with Harry!” he said.

   “Hey! Supernatural is a funny yet interesting show!” I laughed.

 He rolled his eyes, “I’m starting to really worry.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Niall said this might be the end of One Direction!” he said.

  “Well you can’t think like that! He’s being such a pessimist!” I said.

 “I know!”

Haylie came over and smiled at us.

“What are we talking about?” she asked.

  “Liam.” Louis and I both said.

“How’s he been?” she asked Louis.

“Nothing’s changed.” He said.

   “Sorry about that.” She sighed.

 “BROOKE, HAYLIE!” Natalie yelled.

I turned around and Natalie was there with Kennedy and Charity.

“Ready?” Natalie asked.

   “Where are you girls going?” Louis asked.

 “Salon and such!” I laughed.

“Have fun, I’ll see you later tonight!” he said. We were all having movie night tonight.

“Bye!” I said, smiling.

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