Wait, What?

Liam isn't acting normal... is something up or are our minds just playing tricks on us?


3. One Direction


Niall’s POV

 “Bye!” I yelled.

    I closed the door and looked around. I needed to have a word with Liam. I knocked on the door to his room and opened it. He was eating popcorn on his bed and watching TV. I walked up and turned the TV off.

 “May I help you?” he asked.

  “What is wrong with you?” I asked.

 “I’m a stuck up asshole?” he asked.

“You really hurt Charity!” I yelled.

“Um… who is Charity?” he asked.


“Like what?”

   I grabbed his popcorn, “You’re impossible!”

 I walked out and fell right into Zayn. He helped me not fall and I stood up.

    “Did you talk to him?” he asked.

  “I think there’s something wrong with Liam.” I sighed.


“Well he called himself stuck up, and… and an asshole,”

 “Liam never curses!” Zayn said in shock.

“And he acted like he has no clue who Charity is! Just last night he told us he’d ask her out today. But he made her cry and doesn’t know who she is!”

   “Do you think he hit his head?” Zayn asked.

  “Let’s ask the other lads.” I said.

We walked to the living room where Louis and Harry were playing’ Go Fish’. We sat down near them.

“We think there’s something wrong with Liam.” Zayn said.

  “No, really?” Louis sarcastically asked.

 “Be serious, Lou.” I said.

  “He hurt Charity and just now he called himself an asshole,”

Harry and Louis gasped, Harry looked at me, “But he never curses!”

 “And he acted like he has no clue who Charity is!”

   “Do you think he hit his head?” Louis asked.

 “That’s what I said.”

 “I could call my mum and ask her to check him out.” Louis said.

“No, I don’t want to waste her time. Why don’t we just ask him?” I said.


We all got up and walked to his room. I opened the door and he rolled his eyes. We all gathered around his bed.

  “Are you okay, Liam?” Zayn asked.

 “Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked.

“You’ve been acting really… different.” Louis said.

“So what?” he asked.

   “Well you’ve been really… mean.” I said.

 He didn’t say anything.

“I… I’m sorry I didn’t—“

“Get the hell out of my room.” He said.

I looked at Harry, confused.

  “Liam, we—“


  We all ran out and closed the door. I looked around at everyone.

 “Do you think he’s like… possessed?” Harry asked.

“You watch too many supernatural shows.” I sighed, walking to the kitchen.

 “Hey! Supernatural is quite the intriguing show! Not only do they kill demons but they also balance it with a good amount of humor from Dean!” he said, following me.

  I laughed, “I had no clue you were so smart.”

    “Well now what?” Louis asked, pouring a glass of water.

  “We see if he improves.” I said.

“What if he doesn’t?” Zayn asked.

“Then this might be the end of One Direction.” I said.

“Never!” Louis said, sounding like a Jane from Return to Neverland.

  “Maybe.” Harry said, hopping up on the counter.

 “Don’t say that!” Zayn said.

   “Listen, I don’t want to work with him if he’s like that.” I said.

 “Me neither.” Harry added.

“He’ll get over it.” Louis said.

I took a sip of my water, “We can only hope.” 



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